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ANTHESIS has a new album hitting the streets on June 9th entitled The Age of Self, and we’re stoked to bring you a blistering track off this rabid beast of an album! “Where’s The Dignity” will tear your head off with its bloodstained teeth before devouring your very soul. You can

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Drap’s new LP Roten Till Allt Ont is a soundtrack to my RAGE! Every song is seething with the kind crust fury that makes me want to slap the taste out of all downpressors’ mouths! On June 1st, Xtreem Music will be releasing this highly aggressive offering! Tune in right now, because

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Text & Photos: Bobby Cochran Ho99o9.  Bastard sons of Bad Brains, Public Enemy, and Ministry. Death Kult Mutant Freax.  Trendsetters and boundary-pushers.  Men on a mission.  For the Los Angeles (via New Jersey) based, avant-guard punk/hip hop ensemble Ho99o9, the United States of Horror is here, and you’re looking at it whether

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20 YEARS ago, Today Is The Day released the game changing record Temple of The Morning Star, and now in honor of this seminal record they are hitting the road with Kayo Dot starting July 6th – plus they are releasing a (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) via The End Records. CVLT Nation is stoked that we

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Simple but well-executed, Kriegzittern and Minenfeld take the basic death metal template well-known to fans of Hail of Bullets and make it their own. In fact, it would be presumptuous to assume that either band was inspired by Hail of Bullets. They are inspired by war themes, but they both

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Dancing Chrome has much more of a danceable/industrial/synthpop vibe than your previous releases. I’m excited you took this route because it’s among the best synthpop I’ve heard in many years. What made you take this direction? Was it a natural progression? Thanks for the words. It’s hard for me to

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RAW, EXTREMELY PRIMITIVE, INSANE DEATH BLOWS, CHAOTIC DISEASED NOISE are some of the phrases that thrash around my brain as I listen to the new ORDEM SATÂNICA. Their new LP Monte da Lua that will come out on Signal Rex on June 23rd is a nasty whirlwind of audio hate! This band conjures up

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We received an email from Inside Science today that made me scratch my head until I read it. I have always wondered how vocalists in all sorts of metal bands can do what they do with their voice boxes. This video you are about to see will shed scientific insight on

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