Two Bands, Six Songs,  One Noisey 7″. Electric Funeral are a band who I have been a huge fan of and since first hearing them, I have been telling people to listen to and after hearing this 7″ I am not going to stop any time soon. What I love so much about Electric Funeral is despite the power of the noise and distort everything is clear as a bell, which may sound a bit of an oxymoron, but its true everything is perfect. As always full of energy and air punching d-beat noise to keep ya tied over till their next release. Go Filth Go who I hadn’t listened to previously but these Greek D-Beaters bring some chaotic  d-beat  noise to the split with galloping drums, Disclose styled vocals and noise guitars and a more stripped down and raw sound, the same sort of raw feel as of 80′s Hardcore the type that only the Scandinavians can do, which gives the 7″ a more destructive nature.Check out all of the details after the jump.
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CVLT Nation Mixtape Vol.1

Today CVLT Nation releases Vol. I of our mixtape series. This volume is a sonic blitzkrieg of blackened audio violence! From the time you press play, the attack on your senses is on! CVLT Nation Vol. I highlights many super rad unsigned bands that will totally push your wig back, plus mad signed bands that bring the stench as well. No more words, just fucking listen to this mixtape! Make sure to peep the track list after the jump & scroll over the image for the download option.

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Virginia Beach hardcore band Stonewall (ex Broken Bonds) recently released their 2011  demo tape online for digital copy and cassette.  Very solid demo. The drums and guitar are very on point and very well recorded. Great rock and roll sound with a mixture of  Suicide file and the great Virginia Beach hardcore vibe. For fans of Snapcase.  There are 50 cassettes total. 25 on red and 25 on blue available on their bigcartel site. If you’re in the Virgina Beach area check out their next show on May1st, 2011. The show will be at CONCRETE which is a new venue ( 585 S. Birdneck Rd., Suite 108 Virgina Beach).  The show is with Naysayer,  WARHEAD/DEAD AHEAD, and Lockdown. This will be WARHEAD/DEAD AHEAD last show so be there!

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Bring the crust, bring the stench, bring the sonic agony! Now listen to PER CAPITA. This German band has released an epic pounding album called The Damage Done. DAMN! From the very first song, “U.S Hole”, they dig a black pit of metallic sonic violence & never let up. Drums on this album are a voice unto to themselves & play perfectly off of the singer’s gruff delivery. PER CAPITA’s guitar work is is fucking electric; it almost has this Discharge-on-speed vibe about it. They are not afraid to tackle some real issues on this record. Check out some of their song titles: “No White Supremacy” & “Erased By Authority”. PER CAPITA have created a crust record that sounds huge without losing any of its’ edge. I guess you could say this music makes me want to punch authority in the skull which is not a bad thing. Check out a killer live video of the band after the jump…


The Damage Done

PER CAPITA: No White Supremacy

PER CAPITA: Erased By Authority

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When damaged is rad, when rage is epic, when hardcore is breath…these concepts are at the foundation of what PLAGUES create. This California band has produced a super awesome 7-song album that’s free for download…but more about that later. The PLAGUES sound has this layer of old-school Cali punk about it – but on the real this band is not retro at all. They play hardcore/power violence that’s brutal but at the same time melodic. Lyrically they deal with the human condition we all live through from their point of view. Plus, none of their lyrics or song concepts sound dated; they push the boundaries & keep you guessing. On the musical tip, these dudes can play. Certain songs have this awesome dirge vibe about them, and they create a stellar sense of urgency with their music. When I listen to PLAGUES, I hear a band that is ready to take over & fucking wreck shop. Just listen to their song “Breathing” and you will see what I mean. So after the jump, get your free download of this insane band!


PLAGUES: Breathing

PLAGUES: Five Shapes

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This is rad…CVLT Nation had the chance to interview a Sacramento band that we know is 200% awesome…they are called Wreck & Reference. This group creates electronic doom that they transmit to Earth from their own universe. Wreck & Reference put a super epic tape out named Black Cassette & it’s straight bonkers killer music. After the jump, step into Wreck & Reference’s mind’s eye, plus download a special mixtape that the band curated for CVLT Nation. So enjoy it all & have a killer read…

Wreck & Reference: In Chains, Awakening

Wreck & Reference: All the Ships Have Been Abandoned

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Let the dirge begin & let the funeral march in. German funeral doom band o.68 wraps itself around the dark parts of your humanity & melts your brain. Their music does have this slow creeping death vibe about it but they also have the power to play these riffs that shine light on their bleakness. o.68′s creations have loads of space to allow your dark thoughts to float away into nothingness & then drop back down to planet doom. They also keep this constant groove to even the most depressing parts of their compositions, which only makes me dig this band even more. o.68′s new release, Elend, is out now on Ominous-Silence records & it’s well worth your funeral. Who knew death could be so groovy?

o.68: Mortal

Enter the Shadowrealm…the art of Kris Verwimp

Kris Verwimp has been a part of the black and death metal artist community since the early 90s, and has amassed an enviable portfolio of album covers. Hailing from Belgium, Verwimp has worked with bands from all over the world, creating epic watercolor sagas for their album covers, including Samhain’s 1994 album The Courier. His artwork has medieval, Viking and Celtic inspirations, but he also creates some sick black and white t-shirt graphics that are definitely Satanic in nature. He is also the creator of Odoric comics, which feature stunning painted battle scenes and dark stories of death and mayhem. He began the Odoric series in the mid-80s, and for the most part it has been a private project for friends and family. However, he now has copies of his most recently published comic, The Wall of Doom, in his shop. These are more works of art than they are comic books. After the jump, see some pages from Odoric and more of his epic work…

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Dis-tortion, Dis-noise, Dis-raw, Dis-dirty, Dis-war…this is fucking Electric Funeral. This Swedish dis-band destroys on all fronts. Their second demo, Make a Change, is d-beat at it’s dirtiest & best. The foundation of Electric Funeral’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion. Each track drips with dis-urgency that grabs you by the throat & never lets go! The singer projects from his blackened gut. Electric Funeral is is full of dis-passion & their guitar player plays like a serial killer swinging an axe. What is super epic about Electric Funeral is that behind their wall of noise they still create killer grooves.The best word to describe this rad band is RAW. So after the jump, dis-download their second demo…

Electric Funeral: WARFACE

Electric Funeral WAKEUP REACT

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Canadian grind band BURNT CHURCH recently uploaded three new tracks on their reverbnation site that will be featured on their self-titled 7″ that will release in July. For fans of Insect Warfare,  His Hero Is Gone, and, Crossed Out. Check out their out of print first EP here. You have the option to download it for free or make a small donation to the band…. Touring and recording cost some fat cash so throw a few bucks their way in exchange for awesome tunes!


Samhain was one hell of a band. I feel Glen took this group places that he could never take the Misfits. Actually, I really dig Samhain – the level of originality with this band was super high. The whole death rock & tribal vibe they had was totally rad! Being that Glen Danzig was the leader of this band, you know that their image was on point! What was super epic were their live shows; they were mad intense. So we at CVLT Nation gathered some of their super electric performances all in one place. After the jump, check you can check out some unholy video & flicks!


Samhain: The Birthing

Samhain: I Am Misery

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If the following words cause a big grin on your face you should purchase Murder The Mountains by Red Fang: riffs, beer, roadtrips, guitar solos, epicly slow parts, more beer, cheap girls, even cheaper booze, dusty roads, abandoned villages, motorcycles, cigarettes, beer, beards, 70ies Rock, passing out on the floor, last haircut 20 years ago, weed, fuzz, hammond organ and some more beer. This record is nothing but amazingly amazing. F**K YEAH!
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I guess you could say I’m down with PMA, but damn do I like my doom dirty & full of dirge. So when I really need to feel some down-tuned misery, I put on TOADLIQUOR. These dudes were from Arroyo Grande, CA in the late 80′s, & they created heavy music for the mentally right. On the popularity tip, they kept it cult-following styles & that’s the way they wanted it. TOADLIQUOR were all about creating timeless fucking doom laced with crust. The vocals from this band sound like tortured mental patients screaming to be heard. TOADLIQUOR had the whole Sabbath riff thing, but flipped it with more distorted vibe. Plus their sound had an undertone of sinister & brutal crust. The album I 4:20-zone-out to is Feel My Hate: The Power Is The Weight. After the jump, peep some rare live footage.



TOADLIQUOR: Of Inter-steller Space

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Georgia’s Grinning Death’s Head straight kill shit a million times over on some raw, vomit-driven black metal. On their 2009 release No Afterlife on Youth Attack records they create black metal with the angst of dirty dirty punk. Grinning Death’s Head’s vocalist totally captivates you with his shrill screams of pure blackened agony. The rest of the band sounds like they dismantle chaos in belly of the beast. Lo-fi & rad is the way to describe the sound quality of No Afterlife. 13 songs of epic filth is what Grinning Death’s Head created with this awesome release. The super cool news is that they have a new tape coming out on Youth Attack some time soon…so stay tuned!

Grinning Death’s Head

Grinning Death’s Head : INTRO

Grinning Death’s Head : WILL TO DIE

Into the Inferno…The art of Joe Petagno

Joe Petagno is a true global traveler who has made an indelible mark on album cover artwork, primarily through his work for Motorhead. He created the iconic “bastard,” the hybrid dog-gorilla-boar skull whose presence spanned almost three decades of Motorhead covers in various forms. This mini-doc/interview with Joe Petagno lets us into the world of the artist behind some of the most awesomely hateful album covers out there. Petagno shows the originals behind the covers, talks about his vision vs. the band’s or the record company’s, and explains the strong anti-war inspiration behind his violent illustrations. The way he explains his artwork is as a warning to society:

“People think I’m anti-religious, and I am.; people think I’m anti-state, and I am; people think I’m anti-war, and I am; I’m anti- anything that’s going to get in the way of stopping an individual from becoming whole…I’m trying to scare people back on to the road…of justice, equality, human rights, freedom…”

After the jump, watch this short interview with Joe Petagno, and get a behind the scenes look at the art that defines Motorhead…

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The Original Pisschrist

In a stereotypical show of taking shit too seriously, Catholic fundamentalists broke in to the Yvon Lambert gallery in Avignon last Sunday and destroyed a key piece in his private collection, Andres Serrano‘s “Pisschrist”. Serrano conceived of this work in 1987, when he immersed a crucifix into his own piss, and took a hauntingly beautiful photograph of it. Not surprisingly, it was a huge scandal for the religious community in the US and abroad. Republicans jumped on it – it’s OK to piss on underage male hookers, but not a statue of Jesus. And the fundies finally won a victory over nothing when they smashed it with their righteous hammers last weekend. According to The Guardian, this wasn’t the first time Serrano’s art has been targeted for vandalism – “Pisschrist” was also attacked in Australia, and in 2007 his show in Sweden was attacked by Neo-Nazis, who found his art to be offensive to Racist Jesus. And people wonder why some of us find religion repulsive. Serrano, also notorious for his photographic collections “Shit,” “The Klan” and “The Morgue,” called his work “a criticism of the ‘billion-dollar Christ-for-profit industry’ and a ‘condemnation of those who abuse the teachings of Christ for their own ignoble ends,’” (Guardian.co.uk). Well, apparently the violent hammering of works of art does not fall into the category of abusing the teachings of Christ; for some people, Jesus was all about wrecking shit. In a show of true artistry, the Yvon Lambert gallery will re-open with the destroyed artworks on display. Hopefully the new and improved “Pisschrist” will have an even more blasphemous impact than it did before.

For a full look at “Pisschrist” as well as some of Serrano’s other photos, check after the jump…
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Announce New Album Details

The holocaust is out of the bag. Toxic Holocaust have announced all of the details for their forthcoming Relapse release, Conjure and Command. On July 19th, this super sick toxic attack will be spreading across the world! So after the jump, get all of the album details, plus some rad videos, killer flicks & detailed tour news.

Toxic Holocaust Conjure and Command

Artwork designed by Daniel Shaw

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Slow-moving death in front of a speeding 18-wheeler truck, caught in a whirlwind of shit. This image reminds me a little bit of this band LOW PLACES. Imagine if EYEHATEGOD’s body had the brain of the Angry Samoans, with the arms of Circle One…that’s getting closer to what this band sounds like! On their six-song demo they make L.A punks like me proud. LOW PLACES‘ singer writes great lyrics filled with the right amount of angst & pain. With their instruments, the band members don’t wreck shop, they completely demolish the shop! This band has the power to change pace at any given moment, which keeps their sound fresh. Here is some super rad news: they just inked a deal with A389 Recordings so stay freaking tuned for more from LOW PLACES. In the meantime, after the jump find out where you can download their past demos…




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Breaking…Jessica Harrison scares my Grandma

I just came across a preview of British artist Jessica Harrison‘s April 28th show at Jealous Gallery in London, where she will be showing her latest sculptures from her Breaking collection. Basically, she took my Scottish grandmother’s collection of ballgown-clad Victorian porcelain figurines and made them all victims of vicious self-mutilation, which is pretty awesome. These lovely ladies would not be featured in my Grandma’s china cabinet, but maybe in mine (if I had one). The figures feature self-disemboweling, decapitation, slashed throats, yanked out eyeballs and hearts…and all in beautiful dresses. I also perused through her site looking at some of her earlier collections, which tend to have the same creepy yet cheeky vibe as the Breaking collection does. In particular, take a look at Skinning…um, need I say more? The Looking collection is also one of my favorites, as is her toothy self-portrait. I enjoy artwork that provokes without taking itself too seriously, and I think Harrison’s work captures this combination very well. After the jump, check out the rest of the photos of her upcoming show, and let it pique your curiosity about the rest of her weird works…

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