Straight out of left field comes CONSTANT STRUGGLE from Los Angeles! This band rips on another level. This demo is what hardcore is all about. You can really hear the heavy Oi! influence in it along with heart of early 80′s hardcore. For fans of Negative Approach and SSD. CONSTANT STRUGGLE will be opening this Sunday at the California Uber Alles fest in Hermosa Beach, CA. Check them out if you’re in the area, you wont regret it.  Links, demo, and demo review after the jump!

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Dread’s Buried In Narcissism album is pure bleak blackened hate turned bad. This record was released in 2009 & still kills to this day! Dread’s music sounds like hateful blues slowed down to the point of more hate. You can hear the crusty world in which they live, you can hear the smell of dirty bong water & days old beer. The vocal delivery on Buried In Narcissism has the right amount of torture & murder to it. Their music has the unholy sludge effect that just gets my mind right & the feedback dirge that blows my head back. Dread created one of the heaviest slabs of violence ever recorded – but you be the judge.

Dread’s Buried In Narcissism

Dread: Ringworm Migration

Dread: Introduction to Incompetence



Temple of the Sun are a doom psychedelic band from Tucson. They put out this rad album earlier this year called Stone Tools. Temple of the Sun have this happy but morbid vibe happening that I really dig. What jumps out first is the lyrics – they have this twisted sense of reality that helps to paint these surreal images in my brain. On the musical tip, this band is all about the zig-zag-zig effect, meaning that nothing they do is straight ahead. Temple of the Sun has the knack of finding dark clouds in sun rhythms. For me, this keeps their tunes fresh, so with each listen I discover something new. What’s killer about Stone Tools is they have it for a free download. After the jump enter the temple & get your download on!

Temple of the Sun Cover

Temple of the Sun: Black Candles

Temple of the Sun: How do you keep your head above water?

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Arguably the best 4 minutes in 2010 for me were when I watched Crowbar at the Attak in Enschede on their first proper Europe tour for some years. After I heard the first two notes of “My everlasting dose” I got totally lost in the music and sang along to every single sorrowful word that came out of Kirk’s mouth. Now there is a new Crowbar album – Severe The Wicked Hand – and it perfectly delivers what you’d expect of a Crowbar record. But some of the lyrics are just over the top in my opinion. Continue reading


165 lbs of calfskin parchment written in blood, the Codex Gigas is also known as the Devils Bible, and is the largest medieval manuscript in the world. It was recovered from a burned monastery in the 15th Century and then stolen by the Swedish Army during the 30 years war, where it was kept for the last 359 years. It contains violent incantations and a full page picture of the devil(See below), which was quite rare at the time it was written. According to one version of a legend that is already recorded in the Middle Ages the scribe was a monk who broke his monastic vows and was sentenced to be walled up alive.

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This is a wicked fun demo from a rad D-BEAT band called FODDER from Sac-town. Their demo sounds like a killer version of Discharge’s first album sung in Spanish. FODDER’s sound is raw with a hardcore 82 vibe. These kids seem be having loads of fun at the same time as taking a stand. The thing is, I don’t speak Spanish, but the passion in the singer’s voice moves me regardless; plus these dude can really play. So after the jump download this rawkus demo.

FOODER: Psychic Warfare

FOODER: Desplome

FOODER: High Tech Weaponry

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The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet

Today I feel like I’m on another planet. Today I feel like I might be floating in space. Today I know I’m living a dream. Today I’m writing a review of the stellar album called The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet by Horseback, which will be released by Relaspe on May 10th, 2011.This album is actually a combination of two of Horseback records – one being Impale Golden Horn & the second being Forbidden Planet (previously a cassette-only release). As a combined body of work, these two records mesh well together. The band’s creative spirit on Impale Golden Horn has the power to take over the listener’s imagination. From the very first song, I found my self transfixed in a state of blissed-out euphoria. On the second track, “The Golden Horn”, my mind was taken over by wind-like sonic atmosphere. Horseback is a master at making repetition sound like it’s not taking place. They use tones, drone & feedback to create walls of gentle but power melodies. Reverb is in place in many of their compositions, where it actually clears out space for the listener to take more of the band’s musical soundscape. Horseback’s work on Impale Golden Horn reminds me how we all feel empty sometimes, but there are always beautiful & unknown valleys to explore.

HORSEBACK’s ‘The Gorgon Tongue: Impale Golden Horn + Forbidden Planet

Read the rest of the review after the jump.

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Anarcho punk is not DEAD. This Houston, TX band Vivisect is keeping the fire of protest punk alive. They bring the heat on more levels than one. With their demo, Vivisect paid homage to the past but totally brought innovation in the process. Their song structure is pretty unique, and some of their songs almost have a tribal feel to them. Plus I dig the way the singer devours his mic & sings from his heart. Even the way the band chose to record with lo-fi techniques is pretty rad, and they capture this awesome energy. I would not call their music crust, because they truly created a sound that’s all of their own. After the jump get your download on & say fuck the system!

Vivisect: We’re keeping our Teeth

Vivisect: Sanctioning our Misery

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Without God – Lambs to the Slaughter

Every now and then a band comes along that is not doing anything really original but are so good at composing, that they sound fresh anyway. Such is the case with Russia’s Without God. There is something new happening in the Russian doom scene and that is traditional doom is exploding finally. No longer is Russia just a haven for goth-doom and funeral doom acts, classic traditional doom metal is making waves and Without God are one of the bands leading the charge. Without God are an interesting band – influenced by Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath and other doom greats but they sound fresh enough to stand out as not just another clone. The main bonus with this band is in the song-writing, these songs are infectious and memorable right to the last note. They also have a wonderful warm and fuzzy sound that is drenched in hypnotic atmosphere, the likes of which haven’t been heard much since Electric Wizard dropped the ‘Dopethrone’ album.

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Angela Boatwright is one of sickest photographers to come out of New York City. She is also a heavy metal maniac, & on a good day she gets to combine both of her passions: metal & photography. One thing that makes her photos special is that she breathes her culture into her photos. I feel pretty lucky to say this, but I have known her going on 10 years & she is true inspiration to me on many levels. So after the jump take a trip into Angela’s world, where headbangers rule.

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Weekend Nachos to release new full length

Chicago based hardcore punk band Weekend Nachos announced the release of their new full length album “WORTHLESS” is scheduled to drop on May 15th, 2011 just in time for the west coast tour with The Afternoon Gentlemen (England). It will be released on a 12′ vinyl via Deep Six Records, as well as a CD/digital version which will be available on Relapse Records. “WORTHLESS” will contain fourteen new songs, two of which recently appeared on the “BLACK EARTH”  7′ vinyl on A389 Records. According to the band they will more than likely be a limited color vinyl option available from Deep Six Records, but more on that will be announced closer to the release date……KILL THE WORLD THAT BRINGS ME PAIN!





The doom metal titans from Brooklyn, Archon, killed it with their last album entitled The Ruins at Dusk. This album has this rad crusty layer underneath their doom-laden grooves that just adds more atmosphere to each song. Imagine if Nausea was reborn in the likeness of Sabbath – that’s sort of what Archon sounds but even gnarlier. They have female & male vocals that create an epic sonic union.The rhythm section is so moving; it’s crazy, the bass lines quake your bones and claim your soul, while drums play beats that have the stoners marching through the weed fields. Archon guitar sounds are totally massive & large. This is a vibes album & each of the four killer tracks on The Ruins at Dusk creates the right vibe. For the ultimate listening experience, play this album loud & put the flame to your bong.

Archon The Ruins at Dusk

Archon: Helena

The Gates of Slumber – The Wretch

The Gates of Slumber was founded in 1998 by guitarist/vocalist Karl Simon, and the band’s debut album, ‘The Awakening’ emerged in 2004. The following year the band recorded the EP ‘Like a Plague Upon The Land’ and embarked on their first European tour with Thee Plague Of Gentlemen. 2006 saw the release of the ‘God Wills It’ EP and the band’s second full-length album ‘Suffer No Guilt.’ A tour followed with US dates with Earthride and Slough Feg. The band then headed back to Europe to support Reverend Bizarre on their Death March farewell tour. From that moment in their history, the band only got even more busier. 2007 they played the ‘Doom Shall Rise festival’ as well as releasing their third album ‘Conqueror’ which received some rave reviews. Even more gigs followed by their ‘Rise Above’ début ‘Hymns Of Blood And Thunder’ which was released in September 2009. 2010 saw US dates with  Pentagram and a full US tour with Weedeater followed by more UK and European shows, this time supporting Cathedral. Upon their return to the States drummer ‘Iron’ Bob Fouts left to be replaced by ‘Cool’ Clyde Paradis (ex-Sourvein) who made his live début during an Autumn US tour. Without a doubt The Gates Of Slumber have built quite a fan-base as well as gained some major support from mainstream heavy metal publications, radio and even MTV and VH1.

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Slayer Tees

Since most people I know who are into metal have about 95% of their wardrobe devoted to tour/band tees, I wanted to peruse the T-shirt Slayer archives for some excellent specimens. And what better place to start than with the Slayer t-shirt, which spans three decades of monstrous excellence! As someone who is into silkscreening and graphics, I enjoy watching the progression of size, detail and colors of the graphics through the ages. Some of these are bootleg, and the photography is far from professional, but they are all awesome…check them out after the jump…

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The band Children of God are the Children of Napalm Hardcore. This Cali band does not fuck around their brand of blackened hardcore brings the stench of a million crustified deaths. Children of God’s vocalist is on some next shit he straight spits blood. Their music is so on point – the guitar kills it with rad feedback styles & the drummer plays harder than Godzilla on crack. Children of God’s latest release Coup de Grace is tracks five tacks of blood boiling joy. This is record that you should have in your collection; this band’s sound destroys everything in site. Download their rad demo after the jump…

Children of God Coup de Grace


Children of God: 31 Seconds Of Blind Rage

Children of God: Sheep, Meet Blade

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Fort Wayne, IN, native Dusty Neal is the master of many dark arts: he is the creator of Sistine Press, a super rad illustrator, tattoo artist . His independent publishing house is releasing some killer fanzines that are pushing the limits. Instead of just interviewing him we wanted to do something different…so I’m going to let him take it from here…

Dusty Neal: Recently I was asked by CVLT NATION to list my top four metal/punk records and why they were important to me. Rather than picking my favorite records, I started thinking about which albums hold the most importance to me in terms of how they have influenced me and my taste over the years and decided this might be more interesting to write about.


After becoming literally obssessed with black metal in high school, I went backwards from the 2nd and 3rd wave of bands to discover the genius of Venom. Only back in my youth, I didn’t quite fully understand the power of this band, or this record. I was expecting something cleaner sounding, something faster and more shrieked. Over the years I slowly began to learn the magick of Venom, but the older I get the more I seem to prefer Venom to most 2nd and 3rd wave bm bands. Along with Celtic Frost, Motorhead, and Bathory, I could listen to these dirty, sloppy rock songs everyday, and the more I do, the less new music seems to speak to me. Fuck-all attitude and casual satanism is the kind of shit I’m way into.

Check out the rest of Dusty’s favorites after the jump…
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The new Subrosa record No Help For The Mighty is out now on Profound Lore Records. This record is rad all of the way through. This Utah band has really taken doom metal to another universe. Subrosa’s record is my new magic carpet ride – when I hear the first song, “Borrowed Time Borrowed Eyes,”
my senses take flight. Word, sound & power are the killer foundation the this band creates from. They write lyrics that are uplifting, intelligent & real. Subrosa’s sound is super heavy at certain moments, then can shift & play in a way that has the mystery of untouched snow. I really dig their use of drone, feedback & the almost tribal energy that some of their drumming conjures. When they put all of these elements into what they create, you find the power of Subrosa. No Help For The Mighty is one of those records that will grow with me over time. There is no turning back, Subrosa has reconstructed my sense of happiness. Check out a rad tune after the jump.

Subrosa: No Help For The Mighty

Cover art by Glyn Smyth

Subrosa: The Inheritance

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This Ohio band, Little Sister, pushed my freaking wig back! Trust me when I say this you will be hearing way more about this band because Little Sister will rip your eyes out. They play this crusty blackened thrash hardcore sound that is very captivating. Within their rage, they also create super rad dark grooves & on top of it they have the power to create moments of harmonic death. Little Sister’s recent self-released tape, Repercussions, will for sure be getting mad repeat plays from me & you too if you know what’s awesome for you.

Little Sister “Repercussions”

Cover Art.

Little Sister: Old Gods

Little Sister: Idols To Dust