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April 2011


This is rad…CVLT Nation had the chance to interview a Sacramento band that we know is 200% awesome…they are called Wreck & Reference. This group creates electronic doom that they transmit to Earth from their own universe. Wreck & Reference put a super epic tape out named Black Cassette &

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Let the dirge begin & let the funeral march in. German funeral doom band o.68 wraps itself around the dark parts of your humanity & melts your brain. Their music does have this slow creeping death vibe about it but they also have the power to play these riffs that

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Kris Verwimp has been a part of the black and death metal artist community since the early 90s, and has amassed an enviable portfolio of album covers. Hailing from Belgium, Verwimp has worked with bands from all over the world, creating epic watercolor sagas for their album covers, including Samhain’s

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Dis-tortion, Dis-noise, Dis-raw, Dis-dirty, Dis-war…this is fucking Electric Funeral. This Swedish dis-band destroys on all fronts. Their second demo, Make a Change, is d-beat at it’s dirtiest & best. The foundation of Electric Funeral’s sound is a metallic wall of filthy distortion. Each track drips with dis-urgency that grabs you

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Canadian grind band BURNT CHURCH recently uploaded three new tracks on their reverbnation site that will be featured on their self-titled 7″ that will release in July. For fans of Insect Warfare,  His Hero Is Gone, and, Crossed Out. Check out their out of print first EP here. You have

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Samhain was one hell of a band. I feel Glen took this group places that he could never take the Misfits. Actually, I really dig Samhain – the level of originality with this band was super high. The whole death rock & tribal vibe they had was totally rad! Being

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