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January 2012

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Fuck waiting around for handouts from corporate-backed record labels or having a movie studio validate your talent. What’s really special is when creative spirits join forces to create stellar art just for the sake of creating it. This is what the Kentucky band XERXES and another Kentucky native, filmmaker Max

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There is no better way to be made an instant fan of an unfamiliar band than to witness them absolutely destroy an intimate venue under relentless aural barrage, and that is precisely how I was turned onto Los Angeles’ very own stoner doom trio Behold! The Monolith. This is a

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Sometimes a young person can be exposed to really good music, but they aren’t ready to digest it. This is what happened to me at 12 – I was turned on to San Pedro’s Minutemen, but I just couldn’t get where they were coming from. Then around the age of

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When did my obsession with the t-shirt start? I can’t even remember, maybe around 1977, but I do know that the early 80’s is when I started to want to represent my favorite bands on my tees. One type of t-shirt represents artistic expression on the next level, and that

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CVLT Nation is extra hyped to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XXVIII Curated by UNEARTHLY TRANCE is going live today. Ryan curated an off-the-hook mixtape with a perfect balance between dirty punk and metal. When you listen to the songs he chose, you will understand why UNEARTHLY

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Certain music triggers specific memories in the human brain, and the Appalachian black metal horde Hunter’s Ground make me think about my time driving across Norway & Finland, when I felt like the forest was speaking to my soul about the ancient battles that took place there hundreds of years

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Something new is in the air young a ground bands have started to create killer videos to along with their amazing music.One such band is Southern California’s PLAGUES. They have an upcoming split with their label mate Cold Front via Irish Voodoo Records. All shies make sure to go back

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One of the sickest young bands in America are in the midst of an national tour, and they go by the name of CODE ORANGE KIDS. These Pittsburg natives are in a different universe when it comes to the way that they bend the sound of hardcore. We have covered

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Five minutes and three seconds of uncut, unreal, unfiltered German aggressive crust bliss is what you will get on the Hungry Lungs new 7″. This a perfect record that you will never want to end, and since it is only three songs, you will have it on repeat. What the

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The early 80’s hardcore scene produced some special artists, but it was what those people became later on in life that really made it interesting. 1987 was a great year, because it was the year that one of the greatest bands ever formed, FUGAZI. It’s hard for me to even

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Today CVLT Nation would like to share a special mixtape with the underworld, curated by the otherworldly label Brave Mysteries. When you start listening to this mixtape, you will fully understand how awesome this label is. Brave Mysteries included some of their own stellar releases, as well as some acts

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Photographer: Carrie Whitney Site: FB Based in: Brooklyn, NY ONE Botch, 12.27.97 RCKNDY Seattle, WA ENERGY. These guys were always exploding with it. When I listen to Botch this is exactly what I picture. There is so much time between then and now, I’m not sure if this picture looks

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