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February 2012

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I come from the school where when certain labels release records, you just know that the band is the shit before you even hear them. San Francisco’s Flenser is one of those labels – their two newest vinyl releases prove this fact. Young doom warriors Lycus, from Oakland, have taken

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Since my first post on Victorian post-mortem photography, I have had the chance to explore more about the subject and find new troves of photographs. They offer an intriguing glimpse in to life over a century ago, when people immortalized their children with professional photographs of their corpses. In fact,

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CRUSADES from Ottawa (CAN) are so unbelievably cvlt, I’d rather call em CRVSADES. In their case, the phrase “catchy as hell” fits like a glove, as they are musically melodic and really serious about their anti-religious rants. CRUSADES play super catchy, melodic Hardcore-Punk, not unlike such classics like the Adolescents,

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‘The Tunnels’ is the untamed, noisy, gloomy and depressed first work of this radical and vanguard noise band TERRA TENEBROSA from Stockholm, Sweden. The overall sound of the trio – a direct descendant of the widely appreciated BREACH, by the way – is based on the repetitive, monotonously clanking percussion,

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All Photos & Text by D Jordan Fogal Young & In the Way, Weekend Nachos, Full of Hell and Iron Flag at the Milestone Club Charlotte NC 1-23-12. The Milestone filled up pretty fast for a rainy Monday night. By the time the Charlotte locals Iron Flag went on, it

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All hail punks, weirdos and metal heads doing rad shit, and not being bitter losers, but being epic fucking creators! The other day, we received a cool email from a CVLT Nation reader in North Carolina who owes a print shop called Holy Mountain Printing. They joined forces with one

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Review written by Kenn Kroosåficks Record Label : Unseen Forces Records Having fought through the DIScore D-beat apokalyptik war, PDX’s Deathcharge unleashes a new, but familiar brand of gloom-and-doom deathrocking gothic punk to the masses. Throughout the 90s, Deathcharge were sort of known as a Discharge worship band. One that

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Reality 86’d is a film that documents the 1986 In My Head Tour featuring Black Flag, Painted Willie and Gone, filmed by Dave Markey. This documentary is funny to watch, because you see punk kids become Dead Heads. Painted Willie is made of two ex-members of the L.A. punk band

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The Finnish barbarian stormfront opens up again. Already ablaze in prominence and prolific influence are the likes of Satanic Warmaster, & Goatmoon. It is as if the blacksmiths were busy forging their hammers on the stone, and here they produced one of the rarest forms of metal, black metal. The

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Word Sound and Power are all alive in this very thought altering interview/conversation between Daniel Menche, Mamiffer and Locrian. It should be noted that this was Menche’s first time very coming up with questions for someone to answer and from my point of view they were honest and induced some

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Photographer: Gemma Shaw Site: Based in: Hastings/ Brighton/ London UK ONE Kvelertak live at The London Underworld, 26th Nov. 2011 I have been photographing bands since I can remember and last year I finally got the chance to see Kvelertak up in London. The crowd were mental and I

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Reshaping sound, reshaping distortion, melting away the flesh of feedback and organic sound are only some if the things that Cultus Sabbati‘s music does. Last year, the band released a thought-transforming EP, Wooden’s Galder, that can be download for free HERE! Now they have created an unreal visual for their

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