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February 2012

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The new ASPHYX album is a kick in the teeth from the very first fucking song, and song after song they pound you with body blows until you ask for mercy! Deathammer is the perfect name for this record, because it’s a straight skull-bruiser, and on Febuary 28th you will

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From the depths of the Oakland sewers, STORMCROW was born. The now defunct group has finally re-released their off the hook album Enslaved In Darkness via Self Made God. This record just fucking drips the kind of crusty filth that will get you hyped. Something about STORMCROW’s music makes me

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Sarina Brewer is an experienced naturalist that has over the course of her later years started to craft unique taxidermy specimens. Her portrait is more resemblance of a Victorian sorceress and her philosophy is to “let nothing from nature go to waste, and use all of an animal even after

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Is possible for one human to have four different musical projects, and all of them are fucking stellar? Well, this is just the case with Patrick Hasson – this Portland, Maine, native is the mastermind of some my favorite bands that span five or more different genres. Let’s get the

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This is my opinion…I could be wrong in certain humans’ eyes, but who really gives a fuck. “Black Metal Satanica” was a documentary created in 2008, & to me is the illest documentary that I have seen so far dealing with the history of black metal. So now is the

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Domenic Romeo (A389 Recordings) takes on Jon Mikl Thor The first time I saw THOR perform was on the Thunderstruck tour sometime in 1997.  I took a hiatus from show business in 1987. At that time, I was deciding that I was probably never going to tour again as THOR.

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