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April 2012

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So here is a very interesting post: this is your chance to download two off-the-hook live shows. The first one is Refused live at the Glasshouse, and the second is the almighty YOB live at the Glasshouse. So do the right things, and head over to the Darshun set and

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Sonic Cathedrals Vol. L Curated by LITTLE SISTER is in full motherfucking effect. CVLT Nation is so stoked for this volume, because every song that this band has created is on the next level of radness. You will be a believer when you hear their new EP coming out any

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Scott Kelly has nothing to prove. As a founder and main songwriter of one of the most critically-acclaimed experimental metal acts of the past two decades, Neurosis, his path was set. With his reach extending through Neurosis alter-egos Tribes of Neurot, Blood and Times and, most recently, doom supergroup Shrinebuilder

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Music can take the form of many things, and it has the power to make you travel into parts of your being that you did not know existed. Mathieu Vandekerckhove, who creates music under the name Syndrome has a new 28 minute transedental song out now via Consouling Sounds, entitled

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Text and Photos by Astrid Tonella Here it is, the favorite time of the year for doom, stoner, psychedelic and avant-garde music amateurs coming from every part of the globe. The Roadburn line-up gets more and more amazing each year, and constantly draws newcomers to the fest. Last year’s edition

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1,2,3 IT’S ON! 1,2,3 YOU ARE STARING INTO THE EYES OF RADNESS!!! 1,2,3 The Code Orange Kids Movement is in attack mode! This extra gnarly band has teamed up with the forever rad film maker Max Moore to create an intense visual for their new song “V My Body is

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