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June 2012


CVLT Nation is stoked to release Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LXIV Curated by Mournful Congregation today! It’s cool that our writer and supernatural photographer T. Terrorist reached out to Adrian Bickle of Mournful Congregation to select songs for this awesome mixtape. Below read what he has to say about these tunes,

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Review source Sludgelord The Lion’s Daughter is a Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band from St Louis, MO, USA The Lion’s Daughter are a fast and furious Hardcore/Sludge Metal Band with a great social conscience attached to their music. They have featured on the blog before with their awesome split with Fister. Well

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To Live A Lie Records never really take a break, right? Consistently releasing interesting grindcore and powerviolence records every year, TLAL tend not to put a foot wrong. With Magrudergrind, Agathocles and Pretty Little Flower amongst their releases down through the years, it’s hard to argue otherwise. One of their

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Divorce The Heroes of Glasgow “Nae Wave”? Unholy Noise Rock terrorists? Post Punk gone Metal? But not metal. But definitely channelling a recurrent theme in metal. Guitars and drums that work like whirring machinery, grinding gears and pumping pistons deep inside of some infernal machine. Imagine if a band like

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Story source Profane Existence Stimulator

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Review Source FOREVERCURSED Label Kuunpalvelus Venus Star is another curious project coming straight from the darkest side of Circle of Ouroborus member and incredible musician Atvar. I must confess I’m not the biggest COO fan, but Venus Star is a totally different beast. It’s not as weird as COO, Venus

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