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Clayton Patterson’s CAPTURED!
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One thing that can never take away from me is my memory of all of the places I have lived and all of the people I have come in contact with around the world. Off and on for 12 years, I called the Lower East Side of New York City my home. During my time there, I saw how the hood was changing and beginning to be taken over by yuppies. The artists, drop-outs, weirdos and people of color were starting to be pushed out. On a daily basis, I would see this dude with a crazy cap, camera and a long beard everywhere. Sometimes he would take me my picture, and no matter what, we always said what up to each other. His name was Clayton Patterson, and in a way you could say he was the mayor of the Lower East Side, or better yet, he was the historian! In 2008, a film was made about him called CAPTURED, which happens to be one of the realest documentaries ever made about NYC. Clayton Patterson never looked like a punk, but trust me, this dude is the true meaning of hardcore & diy…So click on the link below to get CAPTURED!


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Clayton Patterson’s CAPTURED!
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