A Must See Documentary!…
Clayton Patterson’s CAPTURED!
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One thing that can never take away from me is my memory of all of the places I have lived and all of the people I have come in contact with around the world. Off and on for 12 years, I called the Lower East Side of New York City my home. During my time there, I saw how the hood was changing and beginning to be taken over by yuppies. The artists, drop-outs, weirdos and people of color were starting to be pushed out. On a daily basis, I would see this dude with a crazy cap, camera and a long beard everywhere. Sometimes he would take me my picture, and no matter what, we always said what up to each other. His name was Clayton Patterson, and in a way you could say he was the mayor of the Lower East Side, or better yet, he was the historian! In 2008, a film was made about him called CAPTURED, which happens to be one of the realest documentaries ever made about NYC. Clayton Patterson never looked like a punk, but trust me, this dude is the true meaning of hardcore & diy…So click on the link below to get CAPTURED!


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Sean Reveron was born & raised in Venice Beach, CA. He terrorized the streets of the West Side as a young Suicidal Boy, and was a part of the early Hardcore movement. Sean has always been passionate about the music and the DIY fashion of the crust and metal world, and that passion led him and his wife Meghan to create the world of CVLT Nation and the CVLT clothing brand.

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Clayton Patterson’s CAPTURED!
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Custom Retro Bicycle
4 years 1 month ago

really interesting.