A New Age of Punk…
CVLT Nation interviews ICEAGE

White noise & White heat…the Danish punks ICEAGE, with their album New Brigade, have created a statement with sound. I would call this honest soul music – meaning that I know they crafted these tunes from an honest place within their souls. ICEAGE have the knack of creating short bursts of twisted punk energy that are also anthems at the same time. CVLT Nation had a chance to interview Iceage…check it all out after the jump!

Photo (above & banner photo): LASSE DEARMAN

What was the catalyst that formed Iceage?

It wasn’t really a decision to form Iceage. Our friend Joakim bought a drum kit which had to stand in Jakob’s attic cause Joakim didn’t have room for it. We started rehearsing to pass the time and when songs started forming we figured they were good enough to present to other people…we have pretty much grown up together so we all share the same approach to music.

How has your environment shaped your sound?

I’d say our lyrics are more shaped by our environment than our sound. I’m not actually not sure what has shaped our sound to be honest.

Where does a typical Iceage show take place?

There doesn’t seem to be typical place for us. We have played in small rooms, on beaches, at bigger venues, all sorts of stuff. I would say we like it the best playing in smaller places without a stage along with a bunch of our friends’ bands and with a tense spirit. The way we play together tends to change a lot from night to night too. We seem to differ a lot in the way we sound each time. Sometimes it will be out of our hands too.

Are there any bands in Copenhagen you see as your peers?

Yes, a lot of our close friends play in bands. Some allies are Skurv, Pagan Youth, Sexdrome, Fathomsuns, Jackman, Kolyma, Girlseeker and Pregnant Man.

Out of anywhere in the world, where would you like to tour?

Well, we´re going to the United States of America this summer. Other than that I’d like to play Russia and Eastern Europe. We would like to tour anywhere, I don’t care. High above the ground.

What vehicles do you use stay connected to your fans worldwide?

Hopefully soon – a car – so we can come play for them.


iceage – youre nothing live

iceage – new brigade live

Does bong-smoking expand your minds?

Not really no…it gives you a large stream of thoughts, but they are all pretty useless. It might reinforce emotions, but its really hard to use them creatively in any way. But it does feel good.

Do the lyrics to your songs happen before the music is written?

Most of the time we write our lyrics separately, and then try to fit it with music we have written afterward. Then we might change both to make them work together.

Does feedback play a role in your sound?

Some, i guess.

What’s the story behind the Ice Age logo?

Well, its an “I” on top of an “A”. End of story

Iceage – New Brigade

Tell the world your top five albums & why?

These are some good ones;

Bruce Springsteen – The River

Some breathtakingly good and honest songs. It captures a lot of different moods and has great lyrics too.

Absurd – Facta Loquuntur

Beautiful Norse sound filled with pride and emotion.

Crisis – Hymns of faith

A very good album by a very good band, very uplifting and encouraging.

The Pogues – Rum sodomy & the lash

A song like “a pair of brown eyes”… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK that is good.

Swans – Filth

This album has a heavy, filthy, drawling, aggressive, creeping and destructive force.

We almost feel bad for not including any new records on this list but that will have to be on the mixtape we have agreed to do with you…

What would be the main message, if any, that Ice Age wants the world to know?

We don’t have a thought out image or a message, but I guess our ideas are mainly: stay away from illoyal people who don’t really care about you.

CVLT Nation wants to say thanks to ICEAGE for the support!
Stay tuned for the ICE AGE/CVLT Nation mixtape.

The ICEAGE album New Brigade out now on Tambourhinoceros

New Brigade stateside on DAIS Records.

Pictures by Lasse Dearman, Frederik and Jonas Fogh.

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[…] CVLT Nation 04/04 […]

“Absurd’s lyrics are strongly anti-Semitic” Well Chris, you know nothing about Absurd. There’s no lyrics about Jews in Absurd discography. the most far right message of Absurd are the songs “der sieg ist unser” (nsdap motto, but nothing about jews in lyrics) and “germanien uber alles” (another motto, but no jews in it). Sure Absurd are far right but everyone in BM loves their early works without being far right, as for the skinhead band Evil Skins. If you ask me about my tops I’d prob say Television, Joy Division, Evil Skins. I fell no shame because Evil Skins are… Read more »
dan wieken

A lot of people are fans of albums, and artists that they don’t share the beliefs of. Burzum, for example, is music that myself, and many friends, enjoy very much. The ideology that Varg expresses, is not.


Honestly, I just don’t get the fucking point of promoting a full blown Nazi band like Absurd. It’s not even debatable. Moebus is in fact a Nazi, there’s just nothing to discuss about it. Absurd’s lyrics are strongly anti-Semitic and pure demagoguery. And if this shitty record (and Absurd’s music IS SHIT) was mentioned by Iceage just to provoke, well, they succeeded.


I just want to say that CVLT Nation in NO WAY supports racism or sexism!!! We are anti-Nazi in every way and we think it’s sad that those beliefs have any place in metal. Metal is for everyone, of every culture, gender and color – that is what we stand by.

Meghan & Sean
CVLT Nation


Yeah I didn’t mean to speak out against CVLT Nation, but against Iceage for this stupid reply. I think in fact it’s good you just posted what Iceage said, so everyone can make up his own opinion about them.