A New Look at Black Metal’s Unseen Underworld <br/>“ONE MAN METAL” Documentary <br/>The final Chapter – Part 3 – Now Showing.<br/> by November 5, 2012 1 comment

Black Metal, the most infamous, obscure and mystic genre of metal music. Possessor of an illustrious heritage, often misunderstood, replete of stories and myths behind the figures who make the music. Noisey and VICE are proud to present “One Man Metal” a new three-part documentary with three of the most reclusive figures of the Black Metal scene, Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur. They exist on the fringes of Black Metal and rarely have been documented… until now.

In this new documentary, Noisey follows the lives of three enigmatic well known solo artists — Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur — producing black metal on the margins of society, these are men who don’t just play the music, but embody what it reflects: isolation, misanthropy, and anger.

Presented in black and white, “One Man Metal” documentary takes us to San Francisco, where Noisey spoke to Jef Whitehead AKA Wrest of Leviathan, Los Angeles, where he shows us the first on-camera interview with Scott Connor, AKA Xasthur who crafts his bleak sounds from a crumbling apartment, and to remote Tasmania where he spoke to Sin Nanna of Striborg, sharing his own and unique vision. Noisey interviewed these exceptional musicians, most of whom had never shown their face on camera before. Peek into this window and see through Noisey’s eyes, the isolated life of these prodigal black metal musicians.

Watch the last and third chapter of this amazing Documentary right after the jump!

If you wish to watch all the three parts, just click here.

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“ONE MAN METAL” Documentary
The final Chapter – Part 3 – Now Showing.

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3 years 5 months ago

This series was fantastic. I really wish it was all about Wrest – his story was the most fascinating and later to be revealed as incredibly sad. The other two didn’t do much for me – especially Xasthur.

I really cringed though every time the guy from Vice would push “total isolation” & “no interaction with anyone”, especially when asking Wrest. You’re asking a guy who tattoos people all fucking day if he had no interaction with anyone. Whatever. Still great stuff.