A Religion Without A Name | Arktau Eos: ‘Unworeldes’

Where esoterica and human experience meet, Arktau Eos is present.  Going further than symbol and speech, the mysterious Finnish trio of A.I.H., A.I.L., and recently entering Iwowi give us archaic sound and profound introversion. In releasing their newest CD-only record ‘Ioh-Maera’, Arktau Eos is also releasing a vinyl-only compilation ‘Unworeldes’; which is set for release through Svart Records on November 16th. Some may wonder why they chose to release ‘Unworeldes’ separately from ‘Ioh-Maera’ and as vinyl-only, but, upon first listen, it is fairly evident that the elemental transfigurations presented deserve the purest articulation that can, thus, only be expressed through much more raw, elemental means.

A great part of me feels as though the soundscape of ‘Unworeldes’ could very well exemplify the sounds created during an unfolding of the universe; as each atom and cell transform infinitely, as chaos becomes ordered, planets evolve, stars are born, infinitely imploding, soil arising and atmosphere expanding, intuition and symbol meticulously scattered, astral plane settling. Alternatively, and simultaneously, I feel that this album represents death just as much as it does birth; both on the same plane of existence. Perhaps in the form of an astral existence. While an unknown realm of life is explored, a realm of decay is also celebrated.

It represents exploration, experience, and transfiguration. It is, in itself, an experience. The mind is expanded. It is where we go when we introspect, when we dream, when we wander in our sleep, and when we are curious. All elements of which are quintessential to the esoteric, spirituality, symbol, and all that could be considered sacred; which is precisely what Arktau Eos’ aim and purpose is.

‘Coven of the Seven-winged’ flows like fog, as it opens with low atmospheric tones and crescendos with light percussion of mystical captivity. ‘Geometry of Emptiness’ is a bit more contemplative. The tones are kept low with a much greater emphasis on waves of resounding echoes, creating an ambiance of curiosity.

This album is epitomic of Arktau Eos’s strife for highly profound and meditative sound. So much so, that anyone could truly benefit from it. Envelop yourself in candlelight and stillness, close your eyes, and prepare to be transformed by ‘Unworeldes’.

Artwork by Ktl. 

“…Whether considered as music influenced by ritual or ritual disguised as a musical performance, it acts as a lantern held out to fellow seekers on paths less trodden.” Esoteric Book Conference

Track Listing:
1. The Cypress Watcher 8:50
2. Cove of the Seven-winged 9:28
3. Black Leaf Gaze 8:35
4. Geometry of Emptiness 10:35
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