One rad thing about (extreme) music is that it’s not bound to country borders and time. A good song is now a good song as it will be in 5, 10 or 20 years. A gnarly band is a gnarly band no matter what continent, country or state it comes from. So blistering, aggressive and harsh Black Metal can be written and played 2012 in New Jersey as well as 1993 in Norway. The proof: US Black Metal warriors ABAZAGORATH. They have been around for 16 (!) years now, and with their new, self titled EP they easily mark their territory in current USBM – a demonstration you don’t want to miss. Just check the new track Immortals and read the full review:

Leaving aside contemporary tendencies ABAZAGORATH concentrate on classic Black Metal for sure, clearly influenced by the Scandinavian hordes, excellently executed and refined with a thick, super heavy production. By doing this they remind me a lot of the mighty Dissection in their Storm of the Light’s Bane phase, although I know that the classification as Black Metal is, from a strictly musical point of view, questionable for that album.

Anyway, raging blasts, melodic, sinister riffs, superb vocals, varying, smart song-writing and an intense athmosphere add up to a trvly fucking amazing record. And due to the length of an EP it’s all boiled down to only supreme songs – all killer no filler never fit better than here.

ABAZAGORATH may have released a few weaker records in their career, but with this EP they proof that they (still) are a band to be reckoned with. Haters gonna hate.

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