Abode of Chaos

The Abode of Chaos is a compound building in a small town near Lyon, France. It’s not like an elitist consumer based gallery, but an artwork in itself. It is like a Banksy image come to life. Thierry Ehrmann the sculptor behind this, is like an Andy Warhol with this house of chaos being the Factory. A place that just doesn’t give a fuck with 2,700 international artworks and a free admission. I think this Abode of Chaos is a symbol of resistance against our institutionalized Orwellian art world. But it is of course facing on-going law suit from the local mayor’s office. Like anything different in this world it causes fear.

Follow live performance art on Flickr and see the works from there.

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I am an Irish artist and illustrator. I've designed stuff for Extreme Noise Terror, Steve Ignorant, Phobia, Coldwar, Raw Noise, Abaddon Incarnate, Riistetyt, Coitus, Rattus and many more.
I started writing for zines in the late eighties and also used to run a radio show called Scairt Radio for Profane Existence and 98FM Pirate Radio in Greece for two years. Currently I'm writing and illustrating a book on Celtic mythology.