Belial’s Brass<br/>Acid Witch Produxions by June 5, 2012 0 comments

One of the illustrators who put us on the path to CVLT Nation is Doomsday Graphics – his art has an intensity and a punk rock spirit that resonated with us as soon as we saw it. His wife and partner in crust is Acid Witch Produxions, and she handcrafts some very unique and stunning etched brass jewelry using Doomsday artwork. This is taking punk artwork to another level, immortalizing it on brass with her own special hand-made acid etching technique. Acid Witch’s collections feature occult jewelry in beautiful shapes with macabre images burned into their surface, as well as extremely awesome metal patches that can be attached to one’s vest with screws. In my quest for rad and disturbing jewelry, Acid Witch Produxions is one of the most inspired set of pieces that I have found. Check out a selection of her work, and make sure to go to her site to see what she has available for sale.