Adventus Satanae MMXII: Horna & Kommandant East Coast Expedition

With an upcoming invasion of both American and international tours happening this summer on U.S. soil, it is no surprise that some of them might go unnoticed for those who do not frequent on social networking platforms (as the majority of gig/touring announcements seem to hit first) or lurking on the internet to go look for them. It is quite overwhelming in retrospect how many acts from overseas have come to America within the last few years, literally from all around the world with the sacrifice on bands’ behalves put forth with the chance of knowing it will always be hit-and-miss with every gig in every different city. For those who have redeemed positive feedback and success upon their first impression have always come back or conjure up plans in the works for a future return.

With that said, HORNA from Finland who had previously toured the U.S. Back in 2008 are now making their return to invade the east coast – kicking off as one of the main headliners on Maryland Deathfest on Saturday, May 26th and then continuing on their tour with Chicago black/death metal act KOMMANDANT as a second headliner – working their way further down south, making their way through Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and ending in New York once again – most of these put together courtesy of Hate War Productions. There has been a scarce amount of promotion for this tour, so here are the dates listed thus far below.

Also as a side note; Kommandant will be headlining with Sweden’s DEMONICAL prior to the Horna tour presented by Signature Riff for the following dates:

May 22nd – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY
May 24th – The Smiling Moose, Pittsburgh, PA
May 25th – The Hive Parma, Parma, OH

Now onto the KOMMANDANT / HORNA confirmed dates:

May 26th – Maryland Deathfest – Sonar, Baltimore, MD
May 29th – 529 (529 Flat Shoals Ave), Atlanta, GA
May 30th – The Milestone, Charlotte, NC
June 2nd – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY
June 3rd – The Altar Bar, Pittsburgh, PA
June 5th – Great Scott, Allston, MA
June 6th – Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, NY

(Click on the thumbnails to enlarge each flyer)

For those who missed Horna’s previous tour, whether you live on the East or West coast, this is certainly one hell of a live experience worth traveling out for, as I myself am flying from the farthest out west to catch a couple of these dates even after seeing them once already. The same goes for Kommandant as well, as their upcoming full-length ‘The Draconian Archetype’ is estimated to be out by April or May, with new material to be delivered and performed amongst fans and spectators. There is not much more that needs to be said, aside from a note to readers to spread the word about this tour gaining as much promotion as it rightfully deserves.

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  • This tour is gonna be fucking killer. Spread the word!!!