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Alda give us the sounds of deep ancient forests, a labyrinth of dark folk shifting to heavier and more dense black metal, then transcending to druidic like chants. This album ‘Tahoma‘ was originally a cassette only release, but now through Replenish Records is available on limited (to 300) double vinyl with a heavyweight gatefold sleeve.

The opening song ‘In The Wake Of An Iron Wind’ like the rest of the album is like a journey beginning so tranquil and then goes to bleak black metal then spirals into the solitude of a barren landscape. Your left daydreaming of living a transcendentalist life or hiking through a forest. The next four songs carry you through to just under an hour of dark almost ritualistic atmosphere.

Recorded by Nate Myers (River, Leech, Mania) and Alda in Tacoma, Wa and Salem, Or. This band has an ecologically-oriented stance that is reflected in the sound of their music. This is a contemplative album of soundscapes which for me is a must in my vinyl collection.


Alda Interviewed on CVLT Nation last June.

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