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Two bands rip a brand new hole in the floor and play some gnarly tunes in the process. This all went down a couple of weeks ago in Raleigh, NC, where Pure Scum and Curmudgeon wrecked shopped. Ira Rogers was on hand to film the event, and it seemed like a place where I would have a good time.
I have been feeling Curmudgeon for a minute now, and as you will able to see, this band is all that and big bowl of veggie ramen. If you don’t take my word for it, head over here and have a listen to their EP that’s out now via To Live A Lie Records. Next up, the young upstarts Pure Scum – damn, these kids bash out some serious hardcore jams. Without sounding contrived, Pure Scum writes awesome 80’s hardcore-influenced tunes that get me hyped with each listen! You are in luck: they have a demo out on Sorry State Records that you can download here! Now let’s get down to business and peep the full sets by Curmudgeon & Pure Scum before and after the jump!

Photo by One Base on an Overthrow

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