American Tattoo Master
Daniel Higgs

Daniel Higgs a true American classic – I have so much respect for his creative output, both in music as the lead vocalist of LUNGFISH, and as a tattoo artist. His lyrics and voice have painted unreal thoughts in my brain for years, and using his vivid imagination and mixing it with Americana, he’s come up with his own style. Something about his work has has a sense of humor to it that makes his pieces almost surreal. In the American tattooing universe he is well respected, and when you look at his work after the jump you will see why. Some of these pieces were done by him, and others were created from his flash. Plus check out a killer 1990’s video featuring Higgs & Corbin.

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Bradley

    You mean Daniel wasn’t born with a beard. Went to get some Higgs flash done one time, I didn’t know that he would be tattooing someone else right next to me. Nice article!