Among Witches…Æsahættr Review

Triple black wow…Æsahættr is an amazing band that released a super radical cassette via Mediatree last year. Hot damn, cold water is running through my veins as I listen to this killer release. I know they call it black metal, but to me this is black magic because this band creates true magic. Æsahættr’s music will sweep your dark thoughts away & hide them in a cave to chew on your bones. The vocals on this cassette are living demons, swirling around in a black hole spitting out pure bloodlust. These shrill screams of beautiful agony will have you under their spell. Musically, Æsahættr constructs songs that take the form of endless sonic diseases that someday will infect the whole world so that humanity as we know it will exist no more. While chaos & mayhem can be found in the songs that this band manifests, it’s the rivers of slow-moving sorrow that wash over you before allowing you to fly away and greet emotions that you did not know existed in your noir heart. I’m so into the way the Æsahættr builds on layers of tension to actually create serenity. On their epic 18 minute song, “Teleutaia Makhaira,” they will enchant you with old world textures before condemning you to a blackened ocean grave. I have seen the majesty of the nordic wilderness & thought to myself, what battles happened on this hallowed ground? While listening to Æsahættr, I can visualize those exact thoughts again. Maybe I was not just taking in audio blasphemy, maybe I was time traveling?

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • What’s up, just wanted to say, I enjoyed this blog post.

    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  • Some great riffing on that album, The Fury of the Panserbjørn indeed.

    Æsahættr also has a Bandcamp, which I added to the blog here

  • Sam

    This record is fucking tits.

  • yaya

    the name comes from a philip pullman book you twat

  • Are you fucking kidding me? Two Æ’s in one band name? Really? Throw another fucking üümläät on there while you’re at it.