CVLT Nation Streaming
AOSOTH’s “Temple Of Knowledge”

Cold pieces of my flesh are dropping off of my skeleton…this is how I feel when I hear the new AOSOTH album IV: Arrow In Heart. This album will not disappoint fans at all and will gain them new hordes to add to their legion of blackened metal heads. What I find so interesting is how AOSOTH can weave different emotions into one composition in a way that almost makes you feel like a new song has started, but despite the many changes it all makes sense. On April 16th, IV: Arrow In Heart will be unleashed on the world via Agonia Records. In the meantime, CVLT Nation has the honor of streaming their song “Temple Of Knowledge” – once you hear this new tune it will be easy to realize how on point the new AOSOTH record will be!



Photo by Somnyum

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Sepulcrustacean

    Deatthened black metal? Pretty good, I like all the layers shifting over and against one another.