Appeasing unrest: Cara Neir Sublimination Therapy Review

Cara Neir’s new EP is a doozy of a record. Clocking in at an all-too-brief 22 minutes, “Sublimination Therapy” is fury in sonic form. “Therapy” at its core is blisteringly fast grindcore honed with a punk attitude. This not uncommon occurrence is augmented by song writing that rarely gets boring as Cara Neir experiments with using less black metal, while filling the void with a solid helping of the aforementioned grindcore, dashing it with intimidating death metal and relentless powerviolence. Cara Neir’s latest work is a structured medley of ideas that fall flat at times. The record’s fluctuating attitude and sound is, at times, clumsily jarring. “Therapy” is well executed, however its uneven structure threatens to undermine the skill put forth. This shift can be attributed to the change of the guard that occurs between “It Started in the Silo” and “Drink the Rot.” From this point half of the lineup changes, save for frontman Chris Francis and stringman/drum programmer Dorian Rainwater. Grind and powerviolence reign supreme in structure through much of “Therapy’s” first half, with “Prudent Oath” striking out with grand black melodies that become ever prominent. Melody and speed marry from this point on, eschewing much of “Therapy’s” earlier heaviness in favor of screeched vocals, activist-like aesthetic and a sheer cold sound.

Regardless of flaws, “Therapy” is highly listenable, if not outright addicting at times. Each song is carefully made, replete with a practiced, working sloppiness befitting the songs. “You Are Missed” rains hellfire upon the unsuspecting listener with screaming riffs. Grind, many of its tenets and D-beats hail to the “Furempire”, as does much of “Therapy.” The thematic madness appropriates the schizophrenic pace with which the record moves, accomplishing maddening, face-snaring blast beats near the end of “Tactful Annihilation.” This quick listen is anything but easy, but in this case that is most certainly a good thing, as Cara Neir presents us with grandiose effort and awesome songwriting, playing and a listen that left me satisfied and smiling.

“Sublimination Therapy” can be listened to in its entirety and “name-your-price” downloaded here, as well as the their full discography at affordable (worth it) prices.

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