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22.A domesticated primate philosopher on an oxygen-supported carbon based planet circling a Type G star. Also a polymath of the arts and sciences, and animal at heart. I love attending concerts, black metal culture, drawing, reading, meeting like minded persons, runic lore, writing, bdsm, walks through nature, sampling her finest herbs and doing primal fitness. I am an activist and animist so my recent writings will take more focus on these, as well as other outside culture. Sometime in the near future i will move to UK and then Norway,

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ArtMixed Media

Sarina Brewer is an experienced naturalist that has over the course of her later years started to craft unique taxidermy specimens. Her portrait is more resemblance of a Victorian sorceress and her philosophy is to “let nothing from nature go to waste, and use all of an animal even after

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I’m not an avid follower of metaphysical satanism such as the Temple of The Black Light or cultic sects of the black flame, though I came across this tome some time ago and finally decided to peer into it. I approached this book more as anthropology study than one of

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ArtBlack MetalIllustrationMixed MediaMusicPoetry

Such formulations of shading, blackness, obscurity and detail on paper have rarely been so disturbing and fascinating to me. I am writing this not to impress or say anything which does not seem fitting. After “discovering” Maxime Taccardi’s art, I initiated several funeral doom and depressive black metal albums and

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ArtDeath MetalDoomIllustrationThrash

A hell of some time ago, I sent a handwritten letter to Justin Bartlett. He needs no introduction, and has been absorbed through Cvlt Nation before. It was just a few nights ago that the answers were returned. I scribe his dark and morbidly satirical speech here for your eyes

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Black MetalMusicReviews

The Finnish barbarian stormfront opens up again. Already ablaze in prominence and prolific influence are the likes of Satanic Warmaster, & Goatmoon. It is as if the blacksmiths were busy forging their hammers on the stone, and here they produced one of the rarest forms of metal, black metal. The

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ArtMixed MediaSculpture

Greetings, i am writing now in a semi sane state after bearing witness to the most abhorrent life forms imaginable. It is with severe relief that I have been told these are only replica of creatures from long dead aeons, and no longer dwell on this planet. But gawd! who

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