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Photographer for SF Sludge and artist for Natvres Mortes Illvstration.

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US Black Metal has become it’s own separate entity from its Scandanavian forefathers. Young bands across the country have cross pollinated genres and injected unique flavors into the genre, expanding upon the potential first realized in those early bands. Oshkosh record label Gilead Media has already worked with some of

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I think they’re called Ghost because not everyone believes in them. Over the past year these shrouded Swedes have skyrocketed to the top of the Heavy Metal world, lighting up message boards and being the topic of many a heated debate. Ghost just seem to be one of those bands

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One of the heavy metal connoisseur’s greatest fears is that their their favorite underground band will get big. There is a fear that the band will no longer be their own special love, and the band will be spread across the world for squares everywhere to enjoy. Wolves In The

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Earth have made good on their promise of a second installment for their Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light album. The Seattle based group led by guitarist/founder Dylan Carlson released the first installment last year, and it was somewhat of a departure for the band. Carlson said he was influenced

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Late last year I reviewed Let Yourself Be Huge, the latest release from solo artist Ben Sharp aka Cloudkicker. I’ve been following Sharp’s career for some time now, and was happy to take the opportunity to use CVLT Nation as a means to share his music with people who may

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Vattnet Viskar are from New Hampshire, and they play black metal. The cold and wooded areas of the tip of the United States can provide just as much of a dark and atmospheric inspiration to musicians as the frozen fjords and vast forests of Norway. Their self-titled EP was recorded

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