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Every time I think that I’ve heard it all, that there are no more exciting bands and that there’s nothing happening anymore in Germany’s Hardcore scene, a band like NOTHING comes around and proves me wrong. Without warning, Berlin’s NOTHING (not to be confused with the shoegaze Nothing from Philly

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Sometimes shit pisses you off, so you need to go see a good punk show. This last Friday I was just chipper as hell, so I showed up with just the right attitude for a dingy New Brunswick, New Jersey basement show featuring Altered Boys at the helm. It was

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Close-up of a pinnacles

This post was originally published on time does not rest. Enjoy: One of Czechia’s most famous tourist attractions is the Sedlec Ossuary, located in the town Kutná Hora, about 45 miles east of the country’s capital Prague. The place is often refered to as bone church or bone chapel, and

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CVLT Nation is honored to present you a totally new song titled Filth by DEPRAVATION (from Giessen, Germany), which will be released on the band’s upcoming full-length record II: Maledictvm. The album is going to drop via Dark Omen Rec., Sälly Rec. and Life And Death Rec. in a few

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CENTURIES from Florida is one of the few bands that dwell within the reach of Hardcore that are able to keep things highly interesting and distinct without receding too far away from the given principles of the genre. The band recently inked a deal with Southern Lord Records, so you

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SMOHALLA and OMEGA CENTAURI are two bands playing their very own style of avantgardistic Black Metal that has the ability to subvert one’s listening habits very easily. To get the impression, check out the exclusive stream here on CVLT Nation. SMOHALLA is a project from France, a country that had

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