Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:<br/>BEASTMILK  “Love in a Cold World”

Exclusive CVLT Nation Streaming:
BEASTMILK “Love in a Cold World”

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Today CVLT Nation is bringing you an exclusive stream of “Love in a Cold World” from Finland’s BEASTMILK, off their upcoming LP Climax will be out Nov 29th via Svart Records. This song hits home with me, because I often feel like I have created my own little island in this universe, where love and happiness can exist because I keep myself away from the hateful world around me. It may sound dramatic, but I think Beastmilk understands! Also check out Part I of the making of Climax below!

Beastmilk: Climax CD/LP/Digital (Nov 29th, Svart Records)
1. Death Reflects Us
2. The Wind Blows Through Their Skulls
3. Genocidal Crush
4. You Are Now Under Our Control
5. Ghosts Out Of Focus
6. Nuclear Winter
7. Fear Your Mind
8. Love In A Cold World
9. Surf The Apocalypse
10. Strange Attractors

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