Belgian Aural mutilation – VVovnds review!

While everyone is busy getting off on another “blackened crust band with grindcore influences” that popped up some might overlook the new – actually cool – bands that spring forth these days. VVovnds is one of them. And they’re not blackened crust, so you can stop reading this review if you’d had your hopes up.

VVovnds are from Kortrijk/Courtrai and that also means they’re from the H8000 region. People that are a bit older and followed the European/Belgian hardcore/metalcore scene in the 90’s and early 00’s know what this means. Bands like Amenra, Congress, Liar, etc saw the light of day in this once vivid scene and VVovnds – with some ex-members of some of the aforementioned bands – is trying to inject new life in it. They’ve had the pleasure of supporting bands like Trash Talk and Thou already and have just released their first demo.

Like their predecessors they play hardcore with a metallic edge, yet no swedish melodic deathmetal rip off, like you might expect. Think more of bands like mix of Rorschach, Raein, Das Oath and even Walls to some extend. It’s all quite noisy and has a punk feel to it (short songs – fuck yeah), but that can only be a good thing. The fury is there, the songs are full of energy and stick around in your head. If harsh vocals, fast and moshy bits are your thing, you like abovementioned bands and you’re not afraid of a noisy production VVovnds is your cup’o tea!

Demos are available from the band or you can check it out on the VVovnds bandcamp before you purchase it (obviously).

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