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WAX MOTH Spiracle
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Life is good, especially when I get the opportunity to turn the world on to so many sick fucking bands! Today I want the universe to get extra hyped on Iowa City’s WAX MOTH, and their EP entitled Spiracle. These humans are on some robo d-beat shit that will have you spazzing out like you drank ten gallons of ghetto lemonade! WAX MOTH are able to combine the rancid fury of Anti-Cimex with the whiskey dirge of LeechMilk, and blend it into their own beyond radical sound. Trust me, when you have their song “Drones” blasting out of your speakers, you will say to yourself, unholy fuck! WAX MOTH is crazier than Satan huffing glue! The thing about these warriors of demented sludge is they can fucking play the hell out of their instruments. Which brings me to their songwriting skills WAX MOTH’s compositions have multiple layers of hate that will have you transfixed. The vocal delivery of the singer is almost soul in a very odd way, meaning that you feel his pain down to your core. WAX MOTH use feedback and distortion as audio doorways that will lead you past the ugly things we encounter on the daily. Also, the lyrical content deals with the warped human condition created by the corrupt powers that be on this earth. WAX MOTH is a band that deserves not only to be heard, but also to be championed. If there are any other webzines, bands or music weirdos reading this, make sure to spread the word about WAX MOTH! Spiracle is brand new sound of epicness!

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