Big Green Riffs…AMAROK Review

I’m not insane, it’s just all of the T.H.C in my brain. I feel something mad heavy on my back & my whole spirit has been taken over by a feeling of doom. I know what it is, it’s AMAROK slowly invading my body…I have lost all control, all I can do now is bang my head to their super mammoth sound. This California band adds fire to your flame, so now it’s time to spark up your bong. They create green riffs that blow doom smoke into the atmosphere so even the air is too sticky to touch. The vocals in AMAROK sound like herbal wizards telling their legions of what existed before them. They have these bass lines that rumble along to their groovy rhythm. One thing I really dig about this band is that even with mountain-sized sonics, AMAROK still have an upbeat layer to their music so it never sounds oppressive. Deep, deep down in the caves of this band’s spirit you can hear the ghost of Black Flag, & this only gives AMAROK more soul. Their self-tilted album was released last year on CD and cassette, but now has been put on vinyl via Orca Wolf Records, plus it’s up for free download. Before I let you go, you should know that after the jump you can check out some killer flicks!

Photos by Elias Perez

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