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WK INTERACT Art Spotlight

After living in NYC for over 12 years, it’s easy for me to pinpoint the the things about it that fed my soul. The visual stimulation that street art brought into my reality, I will never forget. You walk the streets of the Lower East Side and all of the tags jump out at you. Although what got me super hyped were the artists who went beyond just using spraypaint such as Faile or Bast, but it was that made my jaw drop every time. His work has so much movement and energy that it automatically gets your attention. I also respect that his work seemed to deal with social issues and tell stories visually and mentally. WK Interact’s pieces tripped me out because he was able to get them in places that seemed in possible to get to. Today, CVLT Nation would like to pay tribute to WK Interact with a gallery of his work after the jump!

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