CVLT Nation Mixtape Vol.IV

by August 29, 2011 3 comments
Today CVLT Nation releases Vol. IV of our Blackened Everything mixtape series. This volume is a sonic slaughtering machine on a blackened killing spree of audio terror! From the time you press play, the terror will rain down onto your eardrums! CVLT Nation Vol. IV highlights many ultra gnarly unsigned bands that will totally smash your skull, plus radical signed bands that bring the fury as well. No more words, just fucking listen to this mixtape! Make sure to peep the tracklist after the jump & SCROLL over the image for the DOWNLOAD option...
1.Endless Disease : No End To Night* 2.Dethrone : Pathetic* 3.ALL PIGS MUST DIE : The Blessed Void 4.Deaf Kids : Heretic Anthem #3* 5.KATA SARKA : Perpetual Stupidity Machine* 6.Martyrdöd : En Demon 7.Abigail : Crush The Holy Priest 8.TOXIC HOLOCAUST : In The Depths (Of Your Mind) 9.Nadiwrath : Another Pimping Whore* 10.Sessoviolento : 5* 11.Man Will Destroy Himself : Circle The Drain 12.NIGHT SIEGE : SHACKLES AWAIT8* 13.Night Hag : Mongrel* 14.To The Dogs : Song 6* 15.Æsahættr : The Fury of the Panserbjorn 16.Black Monolith : Abandon Heart* 17.Heavy Cross : Imperial Mammoth Faux Doom* 18.Masakari : XXIV. Trapped in the Mold 19.DEPHOSPHORUS : COLLIMATOR* 20.Welkin Dusk : All That Is Sacred Is A Lie* 21.Lockstep : All is Lost* 22.The Impalers : Rabid Transgressors* * = UNSIGNED & AWESOME!

  • Tony

    Integrity. Its a cover

  • Karlynn Holland

    much fun listening to this. thanks!

  • Cancer

    I can’t help myself but the Lockstep song reminds me of some other band… tip/tongue…