Blackness At Your Throat…<br/>ALKERDEEL Full 4AD Gig <br/>Now Showing!<br/>

Blackness At Your Throat…
Now Showing!

by November 26, 2012 0 comments

ALKERDEEL from Belguim are a band that we here at CVLT Nation have mad fucking respect for. They have been able to create their own wacked-out sound of suffering that has many layers sonic insanity. This is why we are excited to share with you today their most recent gig @ 4AD. The lighting and filming for this ALKERDEEL gig are on point! Also check out a video teaser for their upcoming split with A Den Of Robbers via Consouling Sounds that can be pre-ordered HERE!…It gets better: ALKERDEEL will be supporting AMENRA a this year’s Winteredition of Ieperfest in Febuary…Check all of the visual chaos after the jump – all hail ALKERDEEL!

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