Bone Lust Is In The Air…
Bone Jewelry Spotlight

Decay and death in many ways is the beginning of life itself. Many forms of beings walk this earth, only to die to have their bones returned to the earth. Some people are able to see life and beauty in things that other people might throw away as garbage. Jana Miller is an artist that is able to look at bones as something she can create art or jewelry with. She lives in the south on her own land, where she finds the skeletons of animals that will become parts of her jewelry. Honestly, I have mad espect for Jana is doing because not only is her work killer to look at and wear, she is self-taught. Many of her pieces have this almost medieval vibe about them that makes me want to wear them even more. The things that Jana does with human teeth are way better than anything the tooth fairy could do. Make sure to check out her shop Bone Lust and peep a gallery of her work after the jump!

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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • Thanks So Much Cvlt Nation, I’m flattered!

    As an unemployed struggling artist trying so hard to be self employed, your support means the world to me… AND you seem to “get” what I’m doing! I wanted to add that I LOVE making custom jewelry items. If anyone sees something here that has sold out and want something similar, I welcome you to message me at my Etsy shop or Facebook to discuss the possibility. I also invite everyone to add me at Facebook where you’ll get first dibs on my art/jewelry pieces and special sales:

    Lastly, I wanted to note that no animal, insect or even plant are harmed/killed for my art or jewelry. This is very important to me. I prefer all of them alive. ­čÖé

    Thanks again… jana

    • Hey Jana, thank you so much for the kinds words! Our goal is to help artists like you be employed from their art. What you are making is beautiful and we really love it!!

  • This is excellent. I’m definitely picking up one of those Buffalo Bullet pendants.