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Okus Review

Okus are a very new Irish band having only played their first gig in October of this year. But are very much old hands music wise with members having played in The Dagda, Bleeding Rectum, Fuckhammer, Sodb and more. They are to me like a hybrid between crusty death metal, grind and doom. With their music taking a real nihilistic and bleak look at the world based on religion in some way, through war, religion, economics etc.

Pic: Okus’s debut at Cellars Drogheda by Brendan McHugh

There are a lot of bands playing crusty death metal. But Okus bring an eerie disturbed feeling into it. Which at times wanders into a slow doomy landscape before intense frenzied riffs take you somewhere else. A great example of this is in the track ‘Blood and oil’. Which starts off with big pounding primal drums and low bass which gradually builds through distorted decay and background noise. The track keeps building, until it changes quickly into extreme grind, then to a slow heavy riff and then off again. They have just completed some new recordings which will be available from the band.

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