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The Haxan Cloak

Under the guise The Haxan Cloak the music of one Mr Bobby Krillic has been blogged and reblogged over the last couple of years. Records appearing on such illustrious labels such as Aurora Borealis and Latitudes, plus his recent signing to hip electronica label Tri-Angle Records makes it look as though The ‘Cloak is continuing be spread further and further across the music scene. The source of all this excitement is an eclectic exploration of occultish soundscapes that takes in everything from modern classical, film score, electronica, drone, free-folk and metal elements and conjures them into a rich canvas that teeters on the edge of a deep deep abyss.

Good Throb

This October sees the release of the debut 7” of London post-punk savages Good Throb on the ever rewarding Superfi Records. Self described as “Speculum rock for suicidal call-centre staff and the sexually dispossessed.” Imagine Mark E Smith reborn a girl and reliving endless bad days at the office and disappointing nights out. Rebuking customer service and hurling that maliciously malfunctioning photocopier out of the damn window. Not to mention her band appear to have found the perfect middle ground between Flipper and the 4-Skins to boot!

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