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I knew when I picked up the first issue of MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL I was going to love it just by looking at the kind of paper it was printed on. Then there was the layout, which was chaotic but made total sense to my young mind. Being from Southern California,

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Art & Punk have had a relationship since the beginning of the punk movement. These two things have had a very deep bond that is often overlooked. One of my favorite blogs to read & look at is Art 4 Punks! It focuses on how important the graphic designer can

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If I had to choose my top three illustrators in the world, PUSHEAD would one of them. During the 80’s, when he drew flyers for gigs you knew the show was going to be all that just because of his pen skills. I remember his twisted images all over me

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The new issue of TESTIMONIUM VERITATIS is out now and features awesome interviews from GIVE-UP, Ash Borer, Burial Invocation and much more. Check out some up close pictures of the zine after the jump! TESTIMONIUM VERITATIS can be picked up by emailing

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This past Saturday, I felt like I had power! My childhood homie Jordan Schwartz, along with his long time creative partner Dave Markey, held the opening reception for the We Got Power book (out now via Bazillion Points publishing) at the Track 16 Gallery in Santa Monica. The event was

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“Devils Blues” is a 12 page black and white zine by Taylor Smith, and is a series of collage pieces that reflect his influences: occult works, death and black metal and his thoughts. There is something disturbing, and something humorous, in the imagery of “Devils Blues” – the literal surface

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