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If I had to pick my favourite kind of ad, it would be the 80’s & 90’s skate ones. The reason why is because they were full of color and just totally bugged out. To me, Tony Alva changed the way that companies created their advertisements. At the same time,

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Graphic DesignIllustration

Many consider themselves artists, or designers, Some are good at what they do… I think he is So go ahead and check out TOM IS THE BASTARD: What made you start doing design work? Did you draw before, or did it come out of the pure need of having some

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ArtGraphic DesignIllustration

I ran into the works of many great visual artists at the Primavera Festival in Barcelona last month. And the one that most caught my attention was Dani, the mind (and hands) behind the spanish Münster Studio. After buying a really cool poster for an Unsane/Big Business concert, I managed

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With my sadness over the recent passing of H.R. Giger, it seemed only appropriate when one of my other favorite conceptual horror artists, Paul Gerrard, sent me an email about Company of Shadows, his debut art book that explores the inspiration behind his characters. When I first discovered Gerrard’s work

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FanzinesGraphic Design

As we go about our lives, we are constantly surrounded by images of all kinds. During the 90’s, when I would pass newsstands one magazine always caught my eye, and that was RAY GUN. What attracted me to this publication was it’s crazy fucking covers that were full of chaotic

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ArtBizarreGraphic Design

Good morning. I just put together a collection of weird and humorous gifs for your enjoyment. If you could see inside my brain, this is what my brian looks like on Monday (actually Sunday…maybe I should start going to church). I wish it was my job to find these…oh yeah,

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