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Middle Eastern witchcraft is a combination of ancient Persian mythology and Islamic beliefs rolled into an interesting form of occultism that is still practiced to this day. Modern practitioners of witchcraft in the region, typically old and religious women or men, use talismans to “read” cures into common problems faced

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MICHAEL HUTTER paintings are full of the kind of imagery that I dig, from sex, death and erotica to demons. His work reminds me of some of my favorite artists, but he flips the script with his own vision that is enchanting. HUTTER’s visuals are full of layers to lose yourself in

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ENZO SCIOTTI immortalized horror culture during the 70’s and 80’s with his iconic movie posters. I love the way he used vivid colors and the right amount of sex to draw in the viewer. I could see so many of his images as speed metal record covers, or even Toxic

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I have been a HUGE fan of Horror Movies and the posters that go with them since the 70’s! For me, they have always been eye-candy, and just like awesome album covers, I could stare at them for days. Now that I’m older, I appreciate them on a whole other

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Juan Maeda is a Japanese bondage artist that was born in born in 1939, and he is well known for his intense illustration style. He worked on the graphic version of Oniroku Dan’s Flower and Snake in 1972. I love Maeda’s work because it’s full of drama, pain and beauty. Check out this killer collection

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Last year we featured the work Rob Borbas and his UNREAL tattoos. A year later, we are featuring him again because has continued to create some of the most amazingly evil tattoos we have ever seen. Check out what I wrote last year, but also peep his new work which

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