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Glyn Smyth first caught my attention when I was looking at a Wolves In The Throne Room tour poster, so I looked into his work and I really liked what I found. It will probably not surprise you, since I am a fan of artworks from Fortifem or Business for

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Science fiction says a lot about societal values at the time of its writing. In the latter 20th and 21st centuries, most science fiction sees human beings encountering races of people and aliens who are far advanced of us, beings with whom we must fight or fight off to save

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DADO was  Yugoslavian-born painter, engraver, illustrator and sculptor that spent most of his life in France. His career spanned many decades, and his creative output was prolific. His paintings from the 60’s look like they could be on a powerviolence, or some other kind of extreme music, record cover…When I

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One month into our fourth year and our ninth collection, Spring/Summer 2015, is now in the CVLT Nation Store and in stores worldwide! This season we were inspired by underground originators and skate culture with an occult flavor, and we have a sick collection of designs from Norot Art, Rainbath

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When it comes to engraving, few people dispute the supremacy of Gustave Doré, but amongst those famous artists that performed this particular form of art, you can find other great names like William Blake, Francisco Goya, Giulio Campagnola and the one we’ll talk about today: Albrecht Dürer. This German engraver

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I remember when, in grade 6, my music teacher played us the original Orsen Welles recording of War of the Worlds. Listening to his voice in a darkened room at age 11, I understood the fear that swept the nation when he first spoke those words on the radio in

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