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What is bad art? I’ve seen some shit I think is fucking talentless, and watched bobbleheads put it in the Whitney and pay thousands for it. And then I find someone who makes nothing for their craft but is clearly gifted. So I think it’s pretty hard to define, unless

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I had a copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales as a child, probably a 7th edition or something, but I remember how stark the difference was between Grimm’s version of stories like The Little Mermaid and the cheesy Disney versions. The Grimm stories were enrapturing but also disturbing, and told of

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Just like music can expand your mind, visual art has the power to do the same thing. At an early age, I was attracted to what most of society would call the outcasts. Living on Venice Beach during the 70’s, I was exposed to all sorts of weird art; it

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Midnite Collective interviews Lucas Ruggieri, Illustrator Mediums: Pen and ink, watercolor, etching Based in: Brooklyn, New York Years active: 5 Most recent clients: Maryland Deathfest, Abyssal(mexico), Corrupt Moral Altar, Kadavar, Nekrofilth, Solemn They Await, Ageless Oblivion Current albums in rotation: Tsjuder – Desert Northern Hell, Carnage – Dark Recollections, Winterwolf –

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It’s past Halloween, but every day is Halloween at CVLT Nation. So today I wanted to put together some of the most inspiring imagery of the almighty witch from the past few centuries. A witch is a woman who is not afraid to show her power and her connection to

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INSTASIS - Inner temple

Hailing from France, illustrator DZO has that enviable ability to put his wildest imaginings on paper in a way that is both concise and stunningly detailed. His inspiration is full of Earth magick and spirit, life and death, fire and water, entwined in a lover’s embrace on paper, bark, stone and

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