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What would happen if you saw a book filled with images that reminded you of what you saw when you were fried on acid? This is just the case when I first saw the pages of the Codex Seraphinianus. These are the kind of visuals that take over my imagination

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My favorite books as a kid for were always Pop Up Books. So when I saw the 1661 pop-up book of medical illustrations entitled Kleiner welt Spiegel, das ist, Abbildung Göttlicher Schöpffung an dess Menschen Leib: mit beygesetzer Schrifftlicher Erklärung (Ulm, 1661), a German translation of Johann Remmelin’s Catoptrum Microcosmicum originally published

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Bird Ov Prey is a true connoisseur of the occult, and his eye for the esoteric runs through his line of dark and foreboding patches, pins, clothing and jewelry. His vision is clear, but his meaning is obscure enough that each piece he creates can make a personal connection to the wearer.

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There are only hours left for you to own a strangely unimpressive sketch drawn in the 1970s by none other than Doctor Anton Szandor LaVey! Far from being images of the Dark Lord inked in blood, these are weird doodles of animals and people that would be at home in any

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Last week when I was researching Dr. Richard Barnett’s book Crucial Interventions: An Illustrated Treatise on the Principles & Practice of Nineteenth-Century Surgery, I came across another book of medical illustration he had curated called The Sick Rose: Disease and The Art of Medical Illustration. While his book of surgical illustrations was

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Read Part I here. You have been more open to appear in the press – in photo, documentaries and on social media – in last few years, and you even have your own Instagram account now. I know that for the most part, this is a totally normal thing, but

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