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Joerggum is a German artist who creates striking portraits of rubber, PVC and leather-clad dominant women in a BDSM context. The women in his works are drawn in soft, almost dreamlike lines but the page exudes their power and demands you to kneel before them. Nuns caressing breathing tubes, strap-wielding headmistresses

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A world ruled by Satanic Erotism is where you can find the art of Monica Sandoval. In this universe, Sex, Demons, Perverted Nuns and Unholy Bestiality reign supreme. I love the way she puts her spin on demonic illustration and is not afraid to explore sexuality on her own terms.

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I think we all can say that Punk and Art go hand to hand. Back in the day, if you wanted a rad graphic hardcore shirt you would have to get a rad illustrator like Ric Clayton to draw you one. I’m using him as an example because he would

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Alex Matus is a traveling tattoo artist who is marking people with her stunning, dreamy, cosmic artwork as she makes her way around the continent in her van. Her inspiration is equal parts desert shaman and Judas Priest, making for a heady mix of psychedelic and raw power. She works

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Frans De Geetere was a noted erotica artist from the early half of the 20th century who drew from his own experiences of the 1920s Parisian swinger scene. He and his wife created a hedonistic home base for the rich and reckless of Paris in their house boat, the Marie-Jeanne. Years

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Thank Morrighan for October – the cold sun, turning leaves and healing rains are finally here and we can celebrate our favorite holiday! We’ve put together a collection of all things dead, devious and full of dread for the dark months ahead – accessories, clothing, jewelry and art that will show

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