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I’ve seen a lot of BDSM art in my CVLT Nation career, from all over the world, past and present. InHumanHead creates playful BDSM art that stands apart from what I’ve covered on these pages in the past – this artist’s work has a playful style and punk aesthetic that I

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Elder, with Hashteroid, and Seer November 3rd, 2017 – The Astoria, Vancouver, BC  There’s times when there truly is nothing more satisfying than seeing people come out to a show in droves. This was certainly one such instance. Seer kicked the night off with their eclectic blend of all things

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What’s up Chris – how are you feeling today?  Hey what up ya’ll! Feelin good, feelin great…. feelin great, feelin good how are you? You’ve got to tell the world how an OG SoCal Metalhead ended up studying fashion at Cordwainers, London College of Fashion? In 2005 at the age

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Chelsea Wolfe, with Youth Code Words and Photos by Milton Stile October 31st, 2017 Venue, Vancouver, BC When it comes to musicians unapologetically and uncompromisingly doing their own thing on their own terms, it’s hard to think of someone who has pulled it off better than, or even as well

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Mastodon, with Eagles of Death Metal, and Russian Circles October 25th, 2017 – The Orpheum, Vancouver, BC  First off, this tour package was an interestingly diverse one. Second, the choice of venue would make most of us scratch our heads until we recognize just how limited Vancouver is when it

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 The Boston-based xXx Fanzine was not only important to the east coast – it was important to the whole national 80’s hardcore scene. It’s an honor to have this historic feature on CVLT Nation. Check out what editor Mike Gitter had to say about some of his favorite photos in his

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