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While human beings have always dressed ourselves up in clothing or changed our hair in order to make a statement about who we are to the world, there is nothing more telling than our skin. It’s is both the first thing other’s see about us, and what others use to

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There’s not much left to tattoo on the frontier of the human body…ok, let’s be real – there’s no frontier left. Everything has been imbued with ink by somebody. But one area that I have a love/hate relationship with are scalp and head tattoos. When a head is beautifully tattooed, it

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Ever since I was young, I have a had a fascination with serial killers and their histories. When they strike close to home, it can be a pretty scary thing. I dealt with the fear of being a victim of a serial killer while I lived in Georgia as a youngster.

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It’s that time of year…the weather is growing cold, the days shorter, the first snowflakes are falling in the dark forests, the leaves long gone on the creepy, skeletal trees. Our favorite time of year! Wondering how to honor the people in your life – the ones with the same

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Freaky eyes, missing noses, jagged teeth, deformed heads and melting frames are some of the things you will encounter as you stare at Brandon Muir’s new GIF Collages. What makes his work creepy is the fact he is not trying to be creepy. Many of his pieces have a dark, twisted sense of

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Text and Photos: Robert Hanna Hitting Europe on the heels of the release of her fifth full-length Abyss, Chelsea Wolfe’s set at SO36 in Berlin was remarkably darker and heavier than previous tours. The songs from Abyss have departed greatly from CW’s earlier folk-rooted offerings and leans more toward a

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Heavy metal has always loved a good altar, especially when it’s accompanied by an occult ritual or two. The occult altar and ritual have played a huge part in the imagery of metal throughout the decades, whether as a religious affiliation, political statement or just for shock value. Here’s a

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Photos: Gemma Shaw The other day we announced tour dates for Wrekmeister Harmonies and Bell Witch, who will be painting everything black across the US (with one tiny stop in Vancouver, Canada – thank you!!!). You can see all the dates here. Bell Witch is one of those names that

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NOISE NOISE NOISE! Japan’s AKKA played their first USA show ever at the Rock Room. Our comrade in photos Em Demarco was on hand to capture these intense shots! AKKA is the SHIT!

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My whole adult life, I have had a love/hate relationship with NYC. At this point in my life, I just don’t dig how it’s losing its gritty side due to gentrification. On a recent trip back, I saw that the places I used to hang out at are now gone, and have been turned into

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I know this dude in SoCal named Ryan Avery, and over the past five years I have seen him dedicate himself to all things HEAVY! Not only has he promoted the best Doom shows in SoCal for the past 4 years under the name Midnite Collective, Ryan is also the

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 DECIBEL is always a good read for all things metal, and their latest issue is a treasure trove of history for metal heads – a collector’s edition of Top 100 Old-School Heavy Metal LPs of All Time. The issue includes new interviews with Motörhead, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden among others, and an

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