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No shame in our game over here at CVLT Nation – we are huge fans of LEVIATHAN and we were impressed with the caliber of his latest LP, Scar Sighted. We are beyond stoked to bring you Part I of our two-part interview with Jef Whitehead aka LEVIATHAN. In the first part

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Photographer: Andy Jones Site: Based in: Leeds, UK ONE Violent Reaction. Munoz Gym. Bakersfield, CA. April 2014.       Munoz Gym was a place that only existed in my dreams of sketchy 240p videos on youtube before getting to shoot this photo. After seeing footage of bands from HATRED SURGE to

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Photos: Taylor Ferguson A couple days before Halloween, the almighty WINDHAND blew into The Biltmore in Vancouver on the back of an icy Northwest gale, accompanied by Portland’s Danava and Sweden’s Monolord. The openers, Hoopsnake and Dead Quiet, warmed up a crowd that was already – and suitably – packed by

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Evil comes in many shapes, colours and sizes, while not always looking like evil. Case in point – John Wayne Gacy, who between 1972 and 1978 killed at least 33 youngsters. Did I mention he had a sideline gig as a clown, or should I say killer clown? If you

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Text and Photos: Colton Bills / Marrow Photography I had been waiting for three months for this show. When the day finally came, with it with came Portland doom crew Shrine of The Serpent, local doom troupe Haggatha, along with Portland’s own funeral-doom bringers Usnea, New York’s Unearthly Trance and underground

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All kinds of shit happens in the big city, and especially back in the day New York City was a different beast! Check out these intense New York crime scene photos from 1915 – 1930. Back then shit was fucking GRIM!  

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In his lifetime, Peter Christopherson was many things – a member of Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and COIL, but was also a visual artist in his own right. He created album covers that have become part of pop culture. Today I want to share with you his photography, images that

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KYLESA; BILTMORE CABARET; VANCOUVER 2015; tiina liimu music photography
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A couple of weeks ago Vancouver got treated to another unreal show featuring KYLESA, BLACK WIZARD and BUSHWACKER that was brought to us by MODIFIED GHOST. It was a downpour but I was not going to allow bad weather stop me from seeing one of my favorite bands. I didn’t arrive in time for

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Happy Holidays to everybody! Despite being a staunch atheist and hater of rampant consumerism, I have fond memories of Christmas time and I am not ashamed to say I enjoy this time of year! I actually get a holiday, for one, but also I am enjoying seeing this season through the

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Title: Kamakura Shôgun Yori-ie-kyô Kotsubo-no-hama ni ryôsen to etc.

Description: Asahina Saburô Yoshihide struggling with two crocodiles on the seashore, watched by the Shôgun Yori-ie from a rock, with Mt. Fuji in the background
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Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861) was one of the great masters of Japanese woodblock printing and painting the ukiyo-e style. Some of his best known work are his triptychs of Samurai warriors in battle, sometimes against one another, sometimes against nature and sometimes against supernatural forces. His prints and paintings are full

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This feature is about two things: one, that I love the early DC punk scene; and two, the DC punk flyers. I remember that collecting show posters was a part of the experience of being young and going to shows. These pieces of paper sometimes had really rad art on them that would

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When we saw that Stanford had uploaded a massive collection of images and propaganda from the French Revolution, we thought that a reminder of the strength and revolutionary spirit of the French was in need. This revolution inspired the world, and although the oligarchies have rebuilt themselves under the guise

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