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Check this out: it’s time to get weird! Kenneth Anger’s film Invocation of My Demon Brother.

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If I had to pick one magazine that covered the Goth movement the best, it would be PROPAGANDA by Fred H. Berger. As a teenager in Venice, California I would go to my local magazine store and read every issue. What always got my attention were the covers, because the

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Sven Lindqvist’s 2000 A History of Bombing grapples with the great terror of the twentieth century, the cascade of bombs raining down unto the helpless masses below, from its first application in colonial warfare to the potential of radioactive death on a global scale. Lindqvist approaches his subject through a

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Via Beautiful Decay Shaolin Kung Fu, developed in China beginning in 495AD, has infiltrated popular culture in the West. Depending on your age, you might be familiar with the 70s TV show “Kung Fu” or Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks. Neither captures the essence of Shaolin Kung Fu. Based on

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The final day of the second Gilead Media Festival. It should not be a surprise that I was anticipating this day of the festival the most. If it was going to be anything like 2012, it would be unforgettable. And without spoiling too much too soon, it was a very

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So what happens when art and devotion collides? You get battle jackets and battle vests. I have three different ones, because I collect band patches and can never stop my elf from sewing them on to something. I also can never get enough of looking at vests made by other

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