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Hey guys! Musical Shamanism – The Book (working title, so to speak) is becoming more and more real, and we’ve got a special treat for all you artistically-inclined people out there. Your artwork could become the books official cover! You can enter the contest by submitting your design to us

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Text & Photos via Lazer Horse All I know about Moppaa is that he’s Russian, he’s a he, his birthday is on March 2nd and he likes making creepy and bleak images. I suppose that’s all I need to know. If you want to check out more of his stuff

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 Since the last post we did was all about hideous butt tattoos, I wanted to put together a tattoo post that wasn’t about hating on people’s creative expression, because these people are doing it right! Despite the ubiquitous nature of tattoos, I still think that getting your face, neck and

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When you ride the NYC Subway, it’s really easy to feel like adverts are coming at you from every direction. None of these ads serve a function for most of our lives! Watch 2ESAE & SKI reclaim a whole subway car with useful streetart…It’s OK for corporations to fully wrap

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Neon Knights is a fragmented cumming of age memoir and a guided tour of the heroes, villains, back-alleys and basements of nowheresville suburbia. From a close encounter with a trench-coat pedophile in a McDonald’s PlayLand, through a B-movie-scarred early development, to sexual misadventures in crowded movie theatres, hardcore shows, family

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VIEWER BEWARE: what you are about to see is indelible proof of how stupid human beings can be. Some of these images may cause blindness or rage or uncontrollable urination. If I had any of these images tattooed on my butt, I would never take my pants off again. I

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