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OK – I’ll admit it, this post was inspired by the fact that my entire family is now binge watching OITNB. Since our first post of vintage mugshots, I’ve been fascinated with the character of old mug shots. These women’s mug shots are from the Sydney Justice & Police Museum,

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It’s been a while since I posted about some sick as fuck, dark and evil, metal-tinged illustration, so today I have some for you via Mike Lawrence Illustration. His work has everything in it that I want emblazoned on my chest and my walls – skulls and incantations, impeccable details

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Text and Photos: Adam Murray I know what you’re thinking – “This was like, over a week ago.” There’s a lot of coverage of MDF out there, lots of pictures out there, lotta content. If you didn’t go, but have been keeping up on the internet, you know about and

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When many people first lay eyes on Slawomir Rumiak‘s photography, what they see is misogyny; pleasure taken in the torturing of women and mutilating of their bodies. What Rumiak claims to be doing with his book of disturbing and macabre portraits is facilitating discussion, The Book of Love: The Best

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Being that I’m a child of the 70’s and raised most of my life in Venice, CA, it makes sense that I love getting high! One thing I remember growing up was all of the different kinds of stoner paraphernalia, from different smoke bottles to out of the world pipes.

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Text via Lazer Horse Ghana was the first state to free itself from the grips of European colonisation and became a symbol of liberation for the Black Power movement. It’s had a tumultuous past and its present sees the same tumult. It has a population of over 24 million people

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