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As we all know, the world is a fucked up place to be living in right now and every time you turn on the news all you see is fucking madness. So today I wanted to share with you the transgressive art of Molg. H. You could refer to this

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Pinched from Dazed Digital Magazines have long been vehicles for the sexual revolution. From 1970s feminists who turned to titles like Spare Rib to reclaim their sexuality by publishing stories of female masturbation and the enigmatic female orgasm for the first time, to the fetishists who immortalised the PVC laced, sweat oozing reality of the global fetish world in print epics

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I have spent a LOT of fucking time visiting hospitals recently (and kinda pity the intern who, wide-eyed and earnest, asks me how I spent my “time off”) so I was a little reluctant to jump into this slow burn since I started the week discussing funerary wishes and listening

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A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you a photo essay of All Pigs Must Die killing shit at St. Vitus in Brooklyn. Now it’s time for you to peep the raging video footage from this show that was captured by our comrade Max Volume Silence Live.  

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With all of the bonkers, violent, fucked up shit that is happening around the globe, it’s time for you to tune out and check out this What the Fuck photo gallery! Scratch your heard and say WTF!               Gravity is still working as intended

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Elder W/ Ancestors, Earthmass and Cegvera Audience members who turned up early to The Fleece in Bristol were treated to a varied heavy and ambient set by instrumental locals CEGVERA who commenced an epic night of psychedelic/prog dinged stoner doom. Having recently slimmed down to a two piece act after

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