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Happy Friday! Can’t fucking wait for the weekend. We’re seeing OM tomorrow, and it’s going to get weird. So here’s an album of seriously weird (mostly) vintage photography to make sure you go into this weekend feeling like maybe the world isn’t worse off than it used to be, it’s

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In the age of Photoshop and Internet, Trump has already become the subject of memes, which are kind of the flyer of the new millennium. Now that he is *shudder* POTUS, he is destined for mockery like almost no other president before him. I think G.W.B. sighed in relief when

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Ruben Kindel

Article: Seb // Between Distances Photos: Ruben Kindel A ghost is haunting the forests of Brandenburg—the ghost of Communism. Berlin and its surrounding areas are great for historical urban exploration. Berlin was not only the capital of the German Empire and Nazi Germany but also the front line of the Cold

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I dig instagram for many different reasons; one of the major reasons is that it gives people a space to visually express themselves. Even more than that, creative humans can speak through photos that inspire them and create their own digital dialog through images. Today I just got turned on to

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Humans can be so unjust to each other! All you have to do is look at these grim fucking photos from the 1940’s taken of the Byberry Insane Asylum. My heart aches when I see pictures like these, because the people that really should be committed are the ones that put

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CVLT Nation is SUPER stoked to announce the official collab we’re doing with one of the greatest bands of all time, ELECTRIC WIZARD! The pre-order for the Virgin Witch tee and raglan is live and you can pick them up now on the CVLT Nation Bizarre. Pre-order runs until Nov.

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