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Russian prison tattoos are a portal into a dark world, one that is really only understood by the people that exist within it. From an outsider’s perspective, the aesthetic of these tattoos have always intrigued me. The symbolism that this ink carries goes so deep into the underworld that it

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Dehn Sora is a French graphic artist whose work is almost beyond words. He makes music under the name Treha Sektori and is an associate of Church of Ra. He has created a new book called The Sensation Of Being One Of Them which compiles his work spanning two years, and will

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Intense, Morbid, Fragile, Powerful, Enchanting… are just some of the words that swim through my mind as I look at the art of IKUMA NAO. This human is able to use black lines to create unknown universes where birds become faces with no mouths. The lines that she creates with her engravings leave

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6. Converge
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Photographer: Reid Haithcock Based in: Boston, MA ONE Thou at WFMU New Jersey I jumped on a short north east tour with Thou in the spring of 2014. In typical Thou style, it was a four shows in two days situation, with a radio appearance thrown in. After a

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One of the best things that my mom every did for my me was moving our family from South Central to Venice Beach in around 1974/75. She did not know it at the time, but this would change the trajectory of my life forever. I think I saw my first

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Hold on, wait a minute – I might be spending our rent money this week on buying a ticket to Russia so that I can get some tattoo work done by DENI AKTEMIROV whose art is completely off the chain! I’m totally amazed by his lines, because many of the creatures

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Being  a punk in SoCal during the early 80’s was not an easy thing to do or be, but compared to other parts of the world, we had it pretty good! I’m just saying – yeah, some of us came from fucked up hoods with mad gangs, but places like Yugoslavia

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A couple of weeks ago, the almighty HIGH ON FIRE returned to Vancouver to destroy the Rickshaw on their massive North American tour, and with them they brought Pallbearer and Lucifer for some infamous opening acts. The prolific Milton Stille was there to capture this incendiary night for us, and

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I could spend hours or even days looking at photos of underground subcultures from around the world…as a youngster, I would spend my afternoons in my local bookstore gazing at photography books about Punk and Metal. If Sanna Charles’ book called God Listens to Slayer was around, it would have been at

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Yukio Mishima

He was three times nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, an accomplished bodybuilder, a trained soldier, an expert swordsman, a model, an actor, a singer. Any one of these achievements is impressive, two or three exceptional, all of them taken together is evidence of near superhuman willpower, an Übermensch

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Do I like head banging? HELL YES!!! The photo journalist Jacob Ehrbahn documented kids head banging in 2012 during the Wacken Fest & Copenhell, and the outcome was unreal! What I love about his photos is the sense of freedom you see on people’s faces – they seem to be in

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Today I watched a video that made me think of my old homie Dash Snow and all of the fun nights we had together. He died way too fucking young, but he left his mark on the world. I think everyone who knows him will have different memories of him. For

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