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Photos and Interview by Teddie Taylor It was nearly three years ago that Baton Rouge sludge/drone/punk/doom metal band Thou released their brilliant, forward-thinking fourth LP, Heathen. In the seemingly long time since then, though, they’ve collaborated twice with fellow genre-evaders The Body, put out half-a-dozen various splits and EPs and

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Via Dazed Digital Most porn is set in a Bizarro World with bizarro logic, where pizza delivery boys accept sexual favors in lieu of minimum wage and women can orgasm solely through penetration. But while this fantasy universe bears a passing resemblance to real life, the videos made by Inside

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The passing of a loved one defines life for most human beings. How we celebrate and/or mourn that passing defines a culture. In the 19th century, death was a solemn affair that society obsessed over, rife with superstition and replete with traditions that must be followed in order to ensure the

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Text & Photos: Bobby Cochran Code Orange are no longer just a bunch of kids from Pittsburgh.  The five-piece hardcore outfit (including touring guitarist Dominic Landolin) have matured into a pulverizing, solid sonic machine, and they brought their own special brand of madness to the tiny San Francisco club, Thee Parkside. 

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Photos: EYES OF MADNESS/Pedro Roque This year’s NORTH DISSONANT VOICES fest in Porto, Portugal, put on by the esteemed Signal Rex, brought together a wide array of voices in underground black metal for a weekend of utter blasphemy! We were lucky enough to have a witness to the fest in the form of

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Text & Photos: Charles Nickles We began in the city, grumpy and overwhelmed with bodies, fighting off sense memories to hoist the flag high and march alongside the millions in righteous (if disproportionately white) solidarity. I ended in Brooklyn, wondering what the fuck the axe was doing on stage, how

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