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Imagine a world of deformed beings, where discomfort smothers every last hope; humanity is nothing but a memory and you can smell death everywhere. This represents the vision of an artist who speaks to the darkest part hidden within us all. Davide Rankore is originally from a small town in

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Middle Eastern witchcraft is a combination of ancient Persian mythology and Islamic beliefs rolled into an interesting form of occultism that is still practiced to this day. Modern practitioners of witchcraft in the region, typically old and religious women or men, use talismans to “read” cures into common problems faced

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When the West Coast Sci-Fi Fantasy Conference was held in 1980, I was either a fetus or an infant, but in Los Angeles a celebration of all things Sci-Fi was raging at the Hyatt International Hotel. Dik Daniels has uploaded a treasure trove of photos taken at Westercon 1980, so I’m

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MICHAEL HUTTER paintings are full of the kind of imagery that I dig, from sex, death and erotica to demons. His work reminds me of some of my favorite artists, but he flips the script with his own vision that is enchanting. HUTTER’s visuals are full of layers to lose yourself in

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Modified Ghost Festival II May 25-28, Vancouver, BC Hosted by the Red Room Ultra Bar and The Rickshaw Theatre It’s beyond satisfying to admit that this was – without a doubt – a triumph. To see an event as ambitious as this succeed against the odds is a testament to what can

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Reading Michael Griffin’s prose and listening to his ambient/drone compositions achieve similar ends: the effect on the reader or listener is calmly disconcerting. “Calm” might seem an odd word to attach to a horror writer’s prose, but it’s the sort of uneasy calm of a David Lynch set piece. In

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