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Text and Photos: Milton Stille As is often sadly the case, the venue was sparsely populated upon my arrival. It’s almost anomalous for shows of this nature to happen on Granville Street, which has disgracefully been dubbed the “party district,” consequently rendering it a cesspool of the type of human

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Story via Thought  Catalog 1. THE SPECTER OF NEWBY CHURCH Snapped in 1963 at the Newby Church in Yorkshire, England, this photo appears to depict a spooky nine-foot-tall figure wearing a cowl and standing at an altar. Several photo experts have scrutinized the photo and have declared it is not

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The other day we received a message from an artist named Bruna Prazeres whose work pushes the boundaries of pain, sex and beauty. All of her pictures will have you asking yourself, where does her art fit into my reality? She documents our secrets, the bodies we pretend don’t exist, the

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“In the year 275 an Iranian Aryan publicly rejected the scriptures and Jesus Christ as being divine. For his outspokenness, he was arrested, crucified, skinned, stuffed, and hung from the city gates as a macabre warning to any would-be skeptics. Of course, all faiths have killed for their gods; the

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Normal Porn for Normal People By Cosbydaf Everybody knows that if you surf the web long enough, you’ll see some pretty sick shit. This is especially true if you intentionally dwell into the dark underbelly of the internet. I’ve seen quite a few things I don’t care to admit to,

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Excerpt from The Book of Cannibals (Sybil Press, 2014) a grimoire for the contemporary artist. Illustrations by the author, screen printed by J. Gomez. * Section Two: DRONE; * A post-review Everywhere codes analyze, mark, restrain, train, repress, and channel the primitive sounds of language, of the body, of tools, of

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