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Vergvoktre is a mysterious figure in an age where information is available about everyone…a Russian artist whose acrylic and charcoal paintings are masterpieces of bleak, depressed darkness. This is not an evil that is motivated to crush your existence, this is an evil that lets the veils of chilling fog

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2011 was the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible – and coming from a Scottish background, I can tell you that the KJV was a powerful force for my ancestors, and continues to be so today. So it’s fascinating to see the installation that was put together for the

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Right now I’m double freaking excited, because one of my favorite photographers ANGELA BOATWRIGHT is putting out a stellar zine focusing on the East L.A. backyard punk scene entitled East Los. When you walk or drive around the Boyle Heights hood, you see youths everywhere embracing Punk and Metal, it’s

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ArtMixed MediaPainting

Rendering the old masterpieces in the style of 17th century paintings seen through the motives and technique under the influence of layered prism of darkness is more than a trick to the eye. These are the works done by Nicola Samori born in 1977 in Forli, Italy. Artist  has a

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ArtFilmMixed MediaMovies

Words can not describe what you are about to witness; just press play and step in to the bugged out world called THE WHORE CHURCH (Purveyors of filth, merchants of awful, creators of the world’s greatest video Mixtape)!

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ArtMixed Media

via Dazed Digital When it comes to performance art, the odds are that whatever the work it will likely be controversial in some shape or form. From the anarchic dadaist movement that came out of Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire in 1916 and Joseph Beuys cradling a dead hare to the disturbing

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Jason Borders creates intricate, tattoo-like artwork on animal skulls, making mind-blowingly gorgeous pieces with a macabre edge. He carves and drills the bone, turning its surface into a textured masterpiece, and then paints them for even more texture and depth. My particular favorites are the treatments he’s given the cat

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80s HardcoreArtPhotography

When I look at old photos of the punk scene, a really good feeling comes over me. Maybe because I know I’m looking at my roots – the people that helped make me who I am. One of my regrets is that I did not pick up a camera, but

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Photos: Adam Murray If you read our Day One post for this year’s MDF, you’ll know that our chief correspondent Adam Murray had some technical issues and had to shoot most of the fest on his phone. We think it lends more authenticity to the shots, and shows his resiliency

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OK – I’ll admit it, this post was inspired by the fact that my entire family is now binge watching OITNB. Since our first post of vintage mugshots, I’ve been fascinated with the character of old mug shots. These women’s mug shots are from the Sydney Justice & Police Museum,

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It’s been a while since I posted about some sick as fuck, dark and evil, metal-tinged illustration, so today I have some for you via Mike Lawrence Illustration. His work has everything in it that I want emblazoned on my chest and my walls – skulls and incantations, impeccable details

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Text and Photos: Adam Murray I know what you’re thinking – “This was like, over a week ago.” There’s a lot of coverage of MDF out there, lots of pictures out there, lotta content. If you didn’t go, but have been keeping up on the internet, you know about and

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