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H.R. Giger is an artist that was way fucking before his time, and his influence on underground and pop culture is HUGE! His art, in some ways, has shown the world where it was going before it even knew how to get there. He was able to mix fantasy with

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Normally calendars are pretty cheesy gifts, but this is one calendar that’s tailor made for The CVLT Nation – John Coulthart‘s Lovecraftiana Calendar. Coulhart’s artwork is seething with grotesque movement, and captures the classic Lovecraft characters and settings with reverence and beauty. It’s a calendar that would hang on your wall as a

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Pinched from Fucked by Noise Okay, so this demo floored me. It’s so evil and filthy, so twisted and disturbed. I went into it being told it was blackened punk, but honestly this is way more deathrock than blackened punk. The main influence is very obvious: Rudimentary Peni. However, what

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Thew Internet K-Hole is the only site online that captures what was like growing up in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. What will you see when you enter the HOLE? Awesome pictures of Death Rockers, Metal Heads, Punks, Skaters and all other kinds of weirdos. Check out what we found

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It’s our first sale as the CVLT Nation Bizarre, and it’s a good one! From Friday, Nov. 27th to Monday, Nov 30th, more than 30 of our U.S. vendors will be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all of their items! This means free shipping on items like patches and pins,

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By Colton Bills I found out a very strange coincidence when I went to see King Dude. The first opening band, Vancouver hard beat duo, Animal Bodies, had opened for Grimes in Seattle, then they walked off the stage and without saying their name. They played a more high energy

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