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I fucking love art, but I really fucking love fantasy art! Dorian Cleavenger creations are so sick that they can hold their ground against the greats. When I gaze at one of his pieces, I find myself losing my mind with the way he uses color. He has also drawn some of

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I know someone who was told by her religious mother that any sexual thoughts that entered her head were put there by Satan. Religion definitely has a boner for sex – for trying against all odds to stop it from happening. And, of course, Satan’s pawns in getting us all

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Hello, thank you for doing this interview, as a first question, who is Florian-Ayala Fauna? Well, I’m not usually one to speak of myself in the third-person, but I’m a visual artist, musician, androgyne, and occultist whose work all overlaps together. I’m one for the belief that art is life,

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Posts like this always get us in trouble with Big Brother of the Internet, but fuck it – we really love BDSM art. Bernard Montorgueil was a French artist who created and published femdom illustrations and short stories in the 1920s and 1930s. There is something so amazing about seeing women dressed

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No matter how important or lowly we are on this earth, we will all dance the Dance of Death. This was the message behind the depictions of death in its many forms that rose to popularity in medieval times. Death was a very close companion of the poor, as it

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Sometime in the mid-1870s, while living in Paris, the Hungarian artist Mihály Zichy produced a series of erotic illustrations. These pictures featured men and women having a right old time fucking and wanking, sucking and licking. What inspired Zichy is unclear. A mid-life crisis? A raging hard-on? The current fashion

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