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Retro science fiction is simply the best. Movies like The Forbidden Planet or Metropolis are candy for the eyes, but you know what is also great about those movies? Their promotional posters. And you know what their promotional posters looked like? Old book covers. If you look at early editions

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GIGER 04_A New Face of Debbie Harry, 1982, Dir FM Murer, courtesy of HR Giger Estate and the HR Giger Documentary Film Festival

Everyone dreams, more or less, but few people trust themselves to relate or present  their dreams, because they are inhibited from making public their perverse thoughts.   The words of H.R. Giger ring true to this day, just a couple of days past the one year anniversary of his death.

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If there’s one thing I’ve found most satisfying about CVLT Nation readers is that you share my sick and inappropriate sense of humour. Here’s a comic artist that’s right up our weird, dark alley – Joan Cornellà. His paintings and comic strips depict the darker side of human motivation and

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L0033080 A crocodile controlled by a female devil to give her sexual
Credit: Wellcome Library, London. Wellcome Images
A crocodile controlled by a female devil to give her sexual pleasure by applying its mouth to her vagina.
19th century Published: [18--?]

Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0

For the past few years, sex and India has been in the news, mostly in a negative light – highlighting a rape culture and gender disparity that’s rearing it’s head on a global scale. It’s ironic, considering the restrictive and puritanical attitudes towards sex and their consequences on women in

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Thanks so much for taking the time to do this, Hanna. First off, can you recall the exact moment where you wanted to become an artist? Was there a particular moment, say a field trip in school or someone in your personal life, that really pushed you to explore that

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Hounds of Tindalos 30x60 rotring(cover for Lurking,paris)
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Hey Jeff! First off, let me extend my thanks for taking the time do this via email while you guys are on tour. For those that are unfamiliar, you’re currently involved in playing guitar with The Great Old Ones. Outside of this, you also handle the band’s album artwork, correct?

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Elena Unger is a young, up and coming artist from Vancouver, BC with an eye for the melancholy and the chaotic. Her pieces are shifting and sweeping landscapes of darkness that invoke the cold, bleak terror at the heart of black metal. Looking at her work, I can feel the

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DADO was  Yugoslavian-born painter, engraver, illustrator and sculptor that spent most of his life in France. His career spanned many decades, and his creative output was prolific. His paintings from the 60’s look like they could be on a powerviolence, or some other kind of extreme music, record cover…When I

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Barlowe’s Inferno is a book edited by Morpheus in 1998 about a very specific theme explored by Wayne Douglas Barlowe: Hell. Inspired by the likes of John Milton or Dante Alighieri, this American painter, born in 1958, searched in the depths of his psyche to reinterpret a subject that has

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Ghana is a country of innovators, so when the VCR arrived on its shores in the 80’s, those who could afford them and who were business-minded set up what were known as “video clubs,” where they would screen movies for the paying customers in their neighborhood. The video clubs had

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Some truly artistic people don’t know how to communicate with #normcore culture. Their visions are so all-encompassing, their need to put brush or pen to paper so engulfing, that they find it almost unbearable to spend time away from their creations with those who can’t comprehend their eccentricity. One such

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via Lazer Horse Probably best known for the film series Hellraiser and Candyman, Clive Barker has been at the helm of British horror since the 1980s. The Books of Blood, his series of short horror stories, really elevated Barker, with Steven King commenting, “I have seen the future of horror

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