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A few months ago, at stupid o’clock in the morning, I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram (story of my life right there, folks) when a piece of dark landscape art popped up. In a mere moment I was transported from my bedroom in England, and dropped among vast, silent, snowy

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Title: Kamakura Shôgun Yori-ie-kyô Kotsubo-no-hama ni ryôsen to etc.

Description: Asahina Saburô Yoshihide struggling with two crocodiles on the seashore, watched by the Shôgun Yori-ie from a rock, with Mt. Fuji in the background
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Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798-1861) was one of the great masters of Japanese woodblock printing and painting the ukiyo-e style. Some of his best known work are his triptychs of Samurai warriors in battle, sometimes against one another, sometimes against nature and sometimes against supernatural forces. His prints and paintings are full

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H.R. Giger is an artist that was way fucking before his time, and his influence on underground and pop culture is HUGE! His art, in some ways, has shown the world where it was going before it even knew how to get there. He was able to mix fantasy with

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APRIL: Dagon (ballpoint pen on paper, 1999)

Normally calendars are pretty cheesy gifts, but this is one calendar that’s tailor made for The CVLT Nation – John Coulthart‘s Lovecraftiana Calendar. Coulhart’s artwork is seething with grotesque movement, and captures the classic Lovecraft characters and settings with reverence and beauty. It’s a calendar that would hang on your wall as a

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It’s our first sale as the CVLT Nation Bizarre, and it’s a good one! From Friday, Nov. 27th to Monday, Nov 30th, more than 30 of our U.S. vendors will be offering FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING on all of their items! This means free shipping on items like patches and pins,

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Before I even knew what art was, I knew I loved the work of Salvador Dali. Something about his paintings made me want to know who created these mind-melting pieces of creativity. To me, Dali’s brain was plugged into its own twisted power source. He was a human that was full

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