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Life is awesome sometimes, but only one thing is promised to us all, and that is Death. Many artists from around the world have used death to inspire their creative spirit. Japan’s Hiroko Shiina explores both the beauty and the dark side of mortality in her cycodelic portraits. Here is your

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Sascha Schneider’s artwork is timeless! When looking at his images, I think to myself that he must have been listening to some insane Black Metal when creating some of these paintings. His mind was plugged into another part of the dark side that many of us will never know. This

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The Bigelow-Wallis and Warren-Kaula watercolor collection is a set of 189 watercolor paintings commissioned by Harvard professor of surgery Henry Jacob Bigelow from lithographer Oscar Wallis between 1849 and 1854. There are a lot of weird and gross images in this collection worth checking out, but my favorites are the skulls

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Body of Reverbs is an installation that unites sound and tattoos in one vibrant experience. The practice is research on the connection between space, body and sound. The tattoo machine is a real musical instrument that translates the vibrations of the needle on the skin into a sound. The pain

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Two things that I love are art and leather jackets, so this is why I love Metal Jacket Paintings so much! This German artist can take a blank jacket and turn it into a work of art to be coveted by most Punks/Metal heads. A couple of years ago we featured

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From the inception of CVLT Nation, one of our tenets has been to support and promote underground dark artists with both the webzine and the clothing brand. So it’s kismet that I stumbled across The Dark Art Tarot – a project aiming to assemble a stunning collection of nightmarish art

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